San Diego, California

My daughter-in-law was denied a refund for a bottle which I bought. The receipt had four items two baby bath hooded towels and two baby-bottle warmers. I have a daughter-in-law and a grand niece. One living in San Diego ca. The other resides in Flagstaff AZ. I am a good Walmart customer in the store weekly. Being 68 and not wise to the policies of return. I thought that do to the fact my grand niece lives in Flagstaff and daughter-in-law lives in San Diego that logical to copy the receipt so both ladies had proof of purchase. My daughter-in-law went to one of your stores to return the bottle warmer. She was rudely told they would not honor the copy. I bought four items, two going to Flagstaff and the other two to stay in San Diego. I do not want any more or less than the price I paid for the bottle warmer. That being $32 plus change and tax. Your company is taking advantage of me, I am totally disgusted and offended with Walmarts handling of this matter

Please respond to my displeaser.


Robert P eterson rbpbobbo@msn,com

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Original receipts (a.k.a. NO COPIES) are required for returns.


This is why you can ask for a gift receipt and avoid this problem all togather....


they won't accept copies in order to stop people from buying one item (ex. a bottle warmer) and then returning eight of them...

Not calling anyone a thief , just explaining their reasoning...

If you could use photo copies , what would stop scam artist from returing all their stolen goods multiple time?


More lies from nikalseyn and totally unrelated to the OP. When will it stop? Try photocopies at Target, Meijer and other retail stores.


Well unless both ladies took a bottle of the shelf and tried to return it with the duplicate receipt they did not commit fraud, but they are not using common sense.


Was she really told rudely no, or are you just assuming because she was told no that she is rude? Are you naive if people make copies of receipts they can get multiple refunds from different stores.

That is why they only accept original receipts. Be disgusted by people who do these dishonest things, be angry at employees who steal pens and whine about getting caught.(you know who you are)


"copy the receipt so both ladies had proof of purchase"

So, in essence, you committed fraud by making extra receipts and now your mad that they won't take your junk back? Really?

John N

WalMart is simply too big and now acts like a typical government bureaucracy. Employee at WalMart just follow the manual and either from sheer lack of common sense or thru instilled fear, become mind-numbed robots at work.

Their policy is original receipts, and no one at WalMart has the brains to use common sense sometimes. My advice is to not shop at WalMart like many of us. Go to Target, Meijer, etc.

By the way, if you like this lack of common sense behaviour, just wait till ObamaCare kicks in come 2014. At your age, you will be left to die without treatment as not cost effective.


Our response is we need the original receipt to process a return. This is standard practice at any retail store.

Kindly stop using your age as a crutch.

You didn't follow our policies and your return was correctly denied. Have a great day.