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I bout my daughter an expensive outside toy from a store a toy made for grass and dirt not hard surfaces. We only had the toy for 5 days and it quit working.

I tried to take it back to the store where it was purchased at and they said they could fix it or exchange it. Ok thanks how long will that take I asked? The cashier for customer service did not know. (I understand that) So I asked to speak to a manager this was an expensive toy and I wanted what I paid for.

The manage comes down looks at my receit and tells me that they can not do anything because I purchased the extended warranty, so I have to call them. Not to mention the ast manager was there also and she was rather rude to me making a comment behind my back that she thought I could not hear. I did say something to her but I did not get ugly. I said Fine thank you.

I go outside and call. The lady from this company tells me that their warranty does not take effect for 90 days before those 90 days are up it is the stores responsibility. She ask is I was still at the store and if I was she wanted to speak to the manager. Ok so I go back into the store and give the manager my cell.

He takes it, walks off, comes back a few minutes later hands me my phone and walks off without saying one word to me. I hear from someone other than a store employee that I'm screwed out of my 250 bucks. I'm getting pretty upset by now. The store manage did not have the decency to tell me anything just walks off without a word.

So anyways I hear that he said he wouldnt take it back because of the condition it was in. Now I've only had this item for 5 days and it was an outside toy. The only thing wrong with it was there was some loose dirt on it from the bottom of her shoes. Which again duh its an outside toy the only way to find out it doesnt work is to use it.

Anyway it was not stained dirty, dented, left in the sun or rain or anything. My husband took a dry paper towel and wiped the sand away. I paid almost $250 for this toy that worked 5 days and thats not all day playing because I do work and she has to go to a babysitters. I am upset for spending that much money on a toy that they refuse to have fixed or exchanged.

I wasnt asking for my money back and I was upset because they told me they would take it and fix it then after seeing I had the warranty they changed their minds.

The condition of the car could not change in the 15 mins we were in the store? What should I do?

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tbh ive never seen one of these toys last for more then acouple weeks without some kind of failure. as nice of a toy as it is id try to get a refund and buy your daughter a bike maybe. but like jac said try a different walmart if you can.


Try taking it to another walmart..maybe one who has a manger that's more friendly


I'm not sure what you can do. even though you bought the extended warranty, it is still Walmart's responsibility to take care of the problem if it's still during the return policy. I would say ask MrsLea's imaginary home office husband to get involved since he's able to do anything.