Folcroft, Pennsylvania

I have received all my medication from Wallmart. One particular script that I was getting there was always put in a container for me (pills).

When I renewed the script again the pills were in a hard plastic cover and I had a very hard time getting them out. On reordering again I spoke to the Pharmacist and explained the problem and very rudely told me the only thing she could do for me was give me a bottle to put them in. It is a three month supply of 90 pills. I told her that they gave them to me before in a bottle.

She said that if I wanted them in a bottle they would have to order them special at a higher cost. I looked up their job site for a Pharmacist and this is a qualification as reads ..... Customer/Patient Centered: Actively strives to provide excellent customer service. Seeks to meet customer needs and demands.

remains calm and professional.

Reviews inquiries from internal/external customers and takes action to remedy the situation. I wonder if this was looked at.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pharmacist.

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I've had 'snap cap' issues with WalMart also. Now they tell me starting immediately in November, they will not longer offer snap caps!

What about customers with arthritis or prosthetics? I'll be changing pharmacies!!


Well, here it is 2017; and guess what, all you snotty repliers; WalMart DOES, and WILL, remove pills from blister packs and put them into a bottle for no extra cost! I suppose not all WalMarts are created equal, so if you live in an area where WalMart hires insensitive ***, then that probably explains the dilemma.

And you know who you are if you're one of them.

As for the NON child-proof caps, they've switched to the turn around type, where one side is child-proof and the other side isn't.

I hate those caps. Firstly, if you are one who wants/needs a childproof cap, then what's to make certain you never, ever, unintentionally reverse your cap when you re-cap your bottle?

Right, nothing. So why even bother with those damned caps? Anyway, Walmart STILL puts the caps on in child-proof mode, so we STILL have to use pliers to get the cap off the first time, and then hope that WE don't screw it back on in the child-proof mode. That reversible cap is very illogical.

Most kids have the dexterity to open child-proof caps, anyway.

It's the people who have disabilities which prevent them from grasping and turning who are still unable to remove the damned child-proof caps. And even when you ask WalMart pharmacy to stop putting child-proof caps onto your prescription bottles, that's the one damned thing they never do. They ALWAYS put it on in child-proof mode.

Lastly, I once had casts on both wrists, and WalMart could see my casts yet STILL refused to NOT USE the *** child-proof caps.

There are no children in my home, not ever. Luckily, I was able to bang my cast on the bottles and break them open.

Nice going, WalMart. Bet your young pharmacist thought that was a hoot!


You don't say what the script is for, thus it is impossible to find out how they are packaged and thus a solution to your problem. If Walmart fills the script by actually dispensing in a plastic container with a child-proof cap, then they can just put them in one that is easy to open---like before the do-gooders became so concerned with pill containers.

If they come in a plastic shrink-wrapped pack then you know Walmart won't take them out and put into an easy to open bottle. Walmart is not known for actually caring about good customer service. Some pills come in various methods for dispensing.

Not knowing what yours are, I suggest you look them up online or call the drug manufacturer and find out how they come and/or what you can do. You might also wish to reconsider your choice of Walmart for your pharmacy.


WalMart does too take pills out of blister packaging. It matters none what type of medication that person is taking: if the meds come pre-packaged in a blister pack, then all you need to do is ask the pharmacy to remove the pills from the packaging.

I cannot guarantee that all WalMarts follow protocall, but I do know that WalMart has changed, and will do this upon request.

Maybe they only do this for elderly, that I do not know, but they do it for my spouse who takes blood pressure and cholesterol meds. Typically, blister packed meds are that way to due to being cost effective.


And, of course, I am referring to prescription medications only, not over the counter (OTC) packages. And people should not expect this on the spot, but they can still ask, or ask for it being done the next refill. There is a tool designed for punching pills from blister packs.


WalMart does remove pills from blister pack prescriptions. It matters none to any of us what that person's medication prescription is.

If a prescription is packaged in a blister pack, then all the customer needs to do is ask the pharmacy if they will remove the pills from the blister pack.

The pharmacy cannot be expected to do so on the spot, that is only fair and reasonable, but I do know for a fact that WalMart Pharmacy has stated they will do this upon request, and they have done so for my spouse on all blister pack refills since 2015. Something else: There s a tool designed for removing pills from blister packs, just google it or search on Amazon, or try WalMart's website.


The blue packs cost you less money. If you want the meds in a bottle, if they even come that way anymore as some do not, then you have to pay the cost for them. WE can not alter your packaging, only you can do that.


you do realize that they're hard to open so little kids don't go opening them up right?


They didnt do that for me either, so deal with it. I quit taking the pills, so now I dont have that problem.

Just take some Aspirin or Tylenol and quit poisoning yourself with those chemicals! :cry


If it's a packaging issue, you can also do the same. A simple phone call explaining you have difficulty opening the packaging and asking them to please note on your account that you need the pills in a bottle. Again, a phone call BEFORE you pick up your meds, not a hissy fit at the pharmacy.


BooFricketyHoo to YOU, too. You don't know that he/she had any hissy fit at the counter.

You're just assuming that in your uneducated, backwoods upbringing. Besides, ever try to call the pharmacy and get put hold only to be told the pharmacist is busy, call back? How about the pharmacist or assistant saying they'll be glad to help by doing this favor, and then asking the customer to return in an hour or two, or whatever works on that given day?!! That'll garner more customers, not fewer.

But, oh, you don't get paid enough to ever go out of your way to do the right thing, Well, tell that to anybody who shives-a-git! Stop giving people reasons to carry on!


I'm really not sure what the frig you are talking about. You don't make much sense.

However, if you are talking about having a hard time opening containers (I have the same problem because I have severe rheumatoid arthritis), you can ask to put a special note on your account that you do not want childproof caps on your medication bottles. It takes ONE phone call instead of hissy fits at the pharmacy counter.


"Just because a business didn't bend over for you doesn't mean they didn't provide good customer service. "

If we had a dollar for every time someone claimed rudeness just because they were not giving their way we would be rich.

"Whatever meds you're on, stop taking them."

Maybe the medicine she is on are chill pills and the reason she is acting this way is because she can't open the bottle for her medication.


Just because a business didn't bend over for you doesn't mean they didn't provide good customer service. THERE IS A HIGHER COST TO THE SERVICE YOU DESIRE YOU RETARD. Pay it or shut up. Just because they did it in the past doesn't mean policies don't change.

I bet you're a joy at the carwash. You probably get the cheapest wash and then if they don't give you the polish because it's extra, you can go on and on about how terrible their customer service it.

Whatever meds you're on, stop taking them.


Your car wash analogy makes absolutely no sense, YOU RETARD. Think about it, YOU MORON.

What, do you work at a car wash?

I hate your car wash, because you stand out there with towels and jump on my car like the peddlers in Mexico do, when I never asked for a towel dry, and you do it anyway and expect me tip you. Well, here's MY tip: ***


There was not bad services or rudeness. Telling you that you have to pay more for something when you are unwilling to is not bad service and rudeness.


"(I)f I wanted them in a bottle they would have to order them special at a higher cost." Then have her order them and pay the difference. Problem solved.


Pharmacies have strict rules on the handling of meds. Not her fault.