Seattle, Washington

I bought a gift card for my sister who has hit hard times and has no food. I had the gift card sent by emial.

She printed the email with the card number and pin number. She went to the store where they WOULD NOT honor it due to no bar code. I called Walmart and they said oh it is a problem with that one. Order a new one using the old gift card.

I did and NO BAR CODE. Now I ordered a physical card and they WILL NOT PAY to expedite the card. So now, after not being able to buy food for 4 days, we have to wait for another 4-7 days for the card to arrive.

Walmart DOES NOT CARE about it's customers and there customer service is basically non existent. I

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Who tries to use a gift card without the card itself? How ghetto.


You could also have sent her a money order or a check. There are also charities that will help out with an emergency food supply.

You might not get your exact favorites but it will help out.


You have to understand, the reason it can't be honored without the bar code is because without it, anyone could have faked a printed-out email with the gift card # of a stolen card. It's for the consumer's protection, so that thieves can't just write down gift card #'s off the shelves and then use them after they've been activated.

Of course, walmart's still at fault for the faulty email.

Have you tried on different computers/browsers and made sure you had no settings blocking the image? Sometimes that works.