I do not no your policies on helping others but would like to, I am a 57 year old disabled female. Today my car broke down in the parking lot of your store on Fayetteville Road in Garner N.C.

It would not go into gear. I asked 5 of your employees for someone to help me, I bought transmission fluid I just wanted to no where to put it or how to check it, 30 degrees outside I could not even get any male to even open the hood. I felt like a fool standing there until a customer opened the hood for me. I make a trip 4-5 times a week to shop with you.All my grocery shopping.$2500 in medicines a month.

I pass by two stores and a Rite aid to come to Walmart.

Now I am wondering why? Please explain

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While you might feel as if Wal-Mart wouldnt help but truly that is not thier job. If they were to touch your car and something happened they would be liable and Wal-Mart is not going to allow that to happen. Its more likly to have another customer help but bottom line is call AAA or someone you know for help


My observation is that most Walmart employees are to dumb to know how to open the hood on anything other than a tricycle.


no vs. know

you obviously weren't doing great before this happened either.


So you would like Wal-Mart employees to not only be trained in auto mechanics, but to give you free service as well?

Call a tow truck and have your vehicle towed to an auto repair shop. Wow, that was difficult.

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