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I went to return a pair of pants that a relative gave me which was too small for my son. There was a long line up.

I work as a registered nurse. I work ten hours a day. After shopping I had to cook dinner for my children. The line was very long so instead of going in the end I went in the in the beginning of the line.

I went infront of a {{Redacted}} because obviously she was obviously going to take a long time with her return. (first of all they would have to check the product was not stolen off the shelf as lots of {{REDACTED}}'s steal from that store). She got really angry at me and told me that the line ends at the back. I told her that I am a registered nurse and I am not *** because a registered nurse requires a degree.

She did not care and kept telling me to get in the back of the line. The manager came up and asked what was wrong. I told him that this {{Redacted}} was verbally abusive and would not let me in line. I explained to him that I work 10 hours a day and come home tired.

He told me that I still had to get in the back of the line. I told him that I still had to cook dinner for my children. He did not seem to care, even when I told him that I am a registered nurse and make 90k a year. I spend a lot of money at this store.

I do my everyday shopping here. I had to wait in the back of the line.

Worse of all my daughter was crying because the {{Redacted}} woman was yelling at me and she was frightened.

The manager did not offer even an apology to me for my inconvience. I feel that to invite me back to your store I should have gotton a gift card or some sort of compensation.

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Most, if not all Walmarts have Subways, just saying.


Well guess what *** I am not a sexually frustrated teenager, I work 12 hours a day most days and most weeks 6 or 7 days I make 120,000 a year and am just a factory worker no degree making me a racist *** hole like you! Just because you make more money than the other people in line does not make your complaint any moe important than theirs !!!

I shop at wal mart often also but I don't single out one race of people as being theives as theives come in all colors and sizes!!! You are a first class bigot and an ignorant *** hole!!!

I would rather die than have a racist *** like you treat me even if I had one of my limbs ripped off! Have a nice day ***


You know Charles Manson and Theodore Bundy committed a bunch of crimes and they are white. Lol, isn't it funny how they both have 13 letters in their name?

You know the first president that allowed slavery was white too. It was also a white person that killed some of my family members because they were native Americans.


This person has written countless "reviews" of her "unfair treatment" at Walmart. It is clear she is a troll and just trying to get a rise out of people by putting ludicrous stories on here


you f@#&in rag. who the *** do you think you are..

i am a WHITE surgeon and i guarantee i make a *** load more than you do. i dont expect to get in front of anyone or expect any kind of preforential treatment because of that. im as average joe as you and every1 else.. well actually you are way below average, you are *** of the earth...

so what that your an RN, big deal ,so are many people, and im sure in your case you are just one of those glorified drs asst with a degree( you probably blew some professor for that anyway) not 1 of the many magnificant hard working people friendy nurses that so gallantly hold our hospitals together . just because your wearing a nurses uniform doesnt mean your a nurse. the manager probly thought your were a *** dressed as a nurse, which 1 could be forgiven for thinking given your guttermouth in front of not only your children but im guessing other people in the store also had children. i am a single parent also.

i have 4 children. and i work more hours than you and also i manage to teach twice a week at a university, but i still manage to feed them , spend time with them and return things to stores with out publicly degrading anyone else.. whats the matter, didnt mummy and daddy love you enough, was your sister prettier than you and got all the boys..?? it wouldnt be the looks that caused problem, your just a vile wretch.

before you slag me off for not having a partner, you should know she is dead due to a WHITE gang member..not black.. i didnt marry a deadbet loser to raise my children as you did..although he probly left your extremely ugly personality. maybe thats your problem,, perhaps buy a *** and lay yourself , it might relieve your tension as i doubt no one else would *** your ugly self with anything other than an axe. i dont think there is many people that would put up with such a pedantic, abhorent, self absorbed , racist and deluded drama queen as youself.

you truly dont deserve children.. why did you have them? dont you think hitler did enough?do you wanna raise his successors?.. how the *** could you be nurse with an attitude and mouth like yours?

i bet your a 2nd rate nurse at best..what do you do if a black patient comes in, refuse them treatment.. you know im not a violent person and ive never hit a woman but skank, id happily beat you the *** out of you.. why would it make any difference how much money you have , what you do for a living or what colour you are when waiting in a store line.. how empty and meaningless is your miserable existance to even *** about that..

you know i am white and proud to an extent but when you look at our history its not always that much to be proud of..

it was whites that invaded native peoples lands and slaughtered them in the thousands becuase they wouldnt just simply hand over what was theirs. none of the inquisitors in the spanish inquisition who commited some of the most hienous acts agaist people for reasons as petty as yours were black, ALL WHITE, hiltler, ted bundy, jefferey dahmer,ivan milat,stalin,caligula,pol pott , bin laden to name just a few , none of them black or negro as you call them.. so if any race/colour needs to be ashamed or made feel ashamed it is the whiteman who kills and detroys every single thing on this planet and beyond in massive numbers every day .... so dont sit there and think your so superior because your white..

obviously it doesnt matter which colour brush you tarred with, you can still be ***.. just like you are.. im not saying all black people are good people, they have thier share of *** too like every other race/colour...but to victimise all becuase of a few is ridiculous..especially when it was white mans society that created the modern day black society in america and the problems it faces today.." people should be judged on content of character not creed or colour" a wise and famous person once said.. i hope your children marry blacks and give you chocolate grandchildren, because then you`ll probably disown them and that way they and thier children will no longer be able to infected with your verbal gastric..

you are one of the people i describe as gastric spewing from the bowels of humanity, purged here to infect the world with your obscene and vile existance..you are a hideous creature that the world can do without, people like you just create problems for the world, you do it no justice..i just hope your children dont grow up to be as vile and disgusting as you.. perhaps you should talk to child services about your problem im sure they`d find it very interesting how you behave in front of your children and the values and beliefs you instill in them.. i cant believe that in this day and age there is still people as rednecked and bigotted as you are.. you are disgusting and shamefull to decent human beings..

and you know what.. the black woman you abused probly has a happy family that loves her instead of children that will most likeky grow to hate her and a supposed deadbet ex husband.. why is he a deadbeat anyway?

becuase he had the sense to get away from you?? thats a plus in anyones book i say..do the world a favour and just drop dead, make space for someone usefull..


"Why should I have to wait for my turn. I work ten hours a day and make more money than probably 99 percent of the people in line."

You should wait in line because we're all human. You don't know how much money everyone else makes so shut your pie hole next time.

"I also spend more money than them. It was 6:30 pm when I went to the store, and I still had to make supper. You must be jealous of the amount of money I make or a sexully frustrated teenager."

You don't know how much money they spend or how many kids they have. Everybody else in the store had to make supper too. You said that as if you couldn't buy anything to eat.

"I am not racist. It is not my fault negros steal from the store. It is a fact, sad but true. You can't call racism on something that is not real."

Just like it's not our fault that you are childish? Come on, you and I both know that anybody can steal. After all, you parked in a no parking zone and you're white.

"I make 90k a year, and shop there often. To show that he appreciates my service the manager could have at least let me in line. By the time I left the store it was 7:15, I got home at 7:25, my kids could not have their dinner until 8:30 and I could not spend time with them because after they had finished their meal it was their bedtime. I am a single parent and work ten hours a day. Get off this forum if you are going to act like a child and accuse me of racism."

At least they got a meal unlike some other children in the world. Stop crying about this, some mothers can't spend time with their children no matter how good they have been to everyone else. He could have let you in line? You just said that he told you to go to the back of the line. Stop making racial slurs if you're not racist.


just one question-DONT YOU PUT YOUR PANTS ON ONE LEG AT A TIME???? just like the rest of us?

you have got to be *** to think we feel sorry for you .you can ruturn things @ walmart 24/7. good thing it wasnt me you tried to bump.cause i could of really gave you a sob story.get a life lady!!and teach your brats how to grow up to be young adults. walmart will recognize you as a habitual complainer and WILL laugh at you when you leave...cause you WONT get your free shopping card. sounds like you are triing to make a point but what it is...who cares anymore!

you are just making an *** out of yourself.

besides you dont really need the card...making 90K...that you so elaborate on. you should count your blessings.


Also one more thing, they were protecting the other customers from the angry one which was you. Your child was crying because of the way you were acting not because of the other customer.

IT is people like you that cause so many problems in this world and your teaching your children to grow up and be disrespectful and racist. You dont deserve your children or to be a nurse.

I would rather die than to have you as my nurse. You social skills are seriously lacking.


You really are a racist and a real *** U think you are so perfect, i promise you your life isnt so bad. Just be nice because i will tell you if you ever did that to me i would beat your *** I have 2 kids and would be embarrased to act like that in front of them.

YOu know what i am an rn (and we all had to get a degree so your still no better than us) I work 12 hr days with 2 kids, have a husband that is deployed, just lost my mother in a car accident, and i still wait my turn inline, cook and clean and get my kids to school and spend time with them!! And like i said i stand in line. YOU are no better than anyone else!

one day you will get whats coming to you. KARMA!!!!!


Lady you are nuts. I am a mother of 3 teenagers, I work 45 hours a week and run them around the rest of my waking hours.

I am sorry to hear you behaved that way in front of your children, now we will have more people running around thinking they are "special" and judging people based on their color and career . Having a nursing degree does NOT mean you can cut to the front of the line!!!!! You will be shocked to hear this but guess what there are negro nurses.

How do you know she was not a nurse? Get a babysitter so your children don't have to see your ignorance in public.


Im white! One if someone jumped me in line i would slap the *** out of you i dont care how tierd you are.

2nd if your that tierd you need to stay home. MANY people work MORE than 10 hours a day. GET USE TO IT!!!! you will be doing it until your 60.

and if you are to tierd to be a normal working mother t cook clean and shop. get rid of the kid, quit your job, and live off welfar!


You know what they should have taken that negro out of the store. You know how violent they can get.

She had no right to yell at me. You guys need to read.

My letter is not saying I should get preferred treatment because I am a nurse. I can't believe that this site is being run with sexually frustrated teenages.


I feel pretty *** for commenting on your other post. After reading this one, you have to be joking.

The joke's on me really. I'm the one up at an unreasonable hour reading *** on this *** website.


You're shittin us right? I mean come on this and all your other complaints are not for real?

Are they?

Then I suggest that you get help. You know the kind of help where you pay $100 an hour to lie on a couch and talk to someone about your troubles and all your childhood trama


Well, your son is ten and so am I. I would not cry if my stepmother was arguing with some other lady.

She has gotten in arguments before but only if the other person was wrong. There is only one time when this happened. It was when someone dumped the things out of her cart and took the cart. She refused to give it back they argued but she decided to let her have a cart and told me to go to the front to have another cart because she did not want to fight with an ***.

But she would never (the same with my dad) would never get into a fight because they cut in front of someone and thought they had every right to. And guess what once during Christmas we did have late dinner because my parents had to do Christmas shopping and it took a long time.

The store was crowded then. If you can't handle this I would hate to see you on Black Friday, and during Christmas.



"Why should I have to wait for my turn. I work ten hours a day and make more money than probably 99 percent of the people in line."

Is this post honestly for real? Really!? A person actually wrote this? Wow! Lady, (using that term very loosely) I would love to run into you in any store and put you in your place just like the woman and store employees you gave grief to did. Who raised you to believe the amount of money you make or spend dictates what you get to do or how you get to treat people when you are out in public? Even more intriguing is your racist (yes racist) view that only “negros steal from the store”? If you’re going to make the claim “I told her that I am a registered nurse and I am not *** because a registered nurse requires a degree” how in the world could someone else not label you as a complete *** when you lack the social skills and couth to never learn social status (in this case your perceived status), income, or number of hours you work makes you better than another person.

I think your statements definitely give a reader a possible glimpse as to one of possibly many reasons why you are a single parent. Hopefully you haven’t passed your social traits to your children. How many other single parents do you think are in the same situation you are but like most normal people would have patiently waited in line to exchange something? Additionally, how many other people would have created a public scene because they didn’t have what needs or privileges they think they are entitled to met or granted. Whose fault do you think it was your little girl was apparently crying? Here’s a hint…you see her everyday you wake up and look in the mirror. Lady I don’t know where it is you live or work, but it can’t be in the real world. Oh and finally if you supposedly make 90K a year why do you need a gift card for your “inconvenience”? You should have apologized first to your daughter, then to the woman you butted in front of and the two employees who had to waste their time with an apparent child trapped in a grown woman’s body. Take some of that 90K you make, go to the bookstore, buy a dictionary and look up these words: social skills, couth, etiquette, politeness, courtesy, respect and finally racism.


I'm calling troll.

No-one could actually be this idiotic.


Well I agree with all the posts except for part of dasmart's. True she should wait in line like everyone else reguardless of her skin colour and occupation.

However not all Wal-marts are open 24 hours, mine isn't. Second she can't leave her children alone at 2am and go shopping. She has written several letters and her children are nine and eleven. As for having a late dinner that's life sometimes deal with it..

Why not go on the day that you are off to return the pants.

Reguardless of her situation she has to wait in line.

She has no right to complain that she was not protected from the angry customer when she herself was the one acting like a spoiled brat. Cutting in line that is so kindergarten behaviour.

just m

She is back again? Wanting another free gift card and calling the race card again.

YES, YOU ARE RACIST !!! Didn't you just complain about a commercial being racist??? Along with your other stupidity complaints about everywhere you and the brats go someone is always causing you problems which makes you intitiled to yet another of your million collectable $25 gift cards? NOW YOU NEED ANTOTHER GIFT CARD?

It is every week you need one from a retailer.

Walmart is open 24/7 ***, and why did you not feed the brats before you left to go to Walmart, and if you like spending so much time with them putting them to bed on Saturday night at 8:30 yea right???? You are pathetic and A WASTE TO SOCIETY !!!!!! And to make a comment about amaocn......

I am sure her nursing skills are for real and far better then your fantasy nurse life could ever be regardless her being black or white or any other nationality. Maybe one day you will get your face beat in so it will be unreaconisable, who knows it may be one of us white people that will do it ???

:p The ex probably dumped your ugly fat *** for a pretty young black women.:grin

By the way are you into teens or something seems like when you don't agree with someone who won't feel sorry for your scamming ways then they are called a "sexually frustrated teenager" AND YOU CALL YOURSELF A MOTHER??? SHAME, SHAME :eek


I can't believe someone would COMPLAIN about not being treated like she's the freaking Queen of England. Everybody has to wait in line, everyone has to work!

Deal with it! I am astonished at the racist comments as well!