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I went to return a pair of pants that a relative gave me which was too small for my son. There was a long line up.

I work as a registered nurse. I work ten hours a day. After shopping I had to cook dinner for my children. The line was very long so instead of going in the end I went in the in the beginning of the line.

I went infront of a {{Redacted}} because obviously she was obviously going to take a long time with her return. (first of all they would have to check the product was not stolen off the shelf as lots of {{REDACTED}}'s steal from that store). She got really angry at me and told me that the line ends at the back. I told her that I am a registered nurse and I am not *** because a registered nurse requires a degree.

She did not care and kept telling me to get in the back of the line. The manager came up and asked what was wrong. I told him that this {{Redacted}} was verbally abusive and would not let me in line. I explained to him that I work 10 hours a day and come home tired.

He told me that I still had to get in the back of the line. I told him that I still had to cook dinner for my children. He did not seem to care, even when I told him that I am a registered nurse and make 90k a year. I spend a lot of money at this store.

I do my everyday shopping here. I had to wait in the back of the line.

Worse of all my daughter was crying because the {{Redacted}} woman was yelling at me and she was frightened.

The manager did not offer even an apology to me for my inconvience. I feel that to invite me back to your store I should have gotton a gift card or some sort of compensation.

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:( :x :upset are you crazy or what..if you were in that big of a hurry, then you should wait until 2am when there aren't too many people in the store. or are you afraid that a negro might beat your *** for thinking you are better than they are.

i agree wiht the the other person, if you make that kind of money then why do you expect to get something free.




Okay you are a registered nurse, but do you have two children? I have children.

I am a single parent. I had to divorce the children's dad because he is a pathetic loser and deatbeat. Also I had my nurses uniform on when I went shopping. They knew I was a nurse, and make three times as much as them.

Are you one of those black nurses they only hire because of affirimitive action. I earned my nursing degee.

I bet they only hired you because of the affirmitive action law. It is not racist when it is the truth.


OMG, I am disgraced to read your complaint and admit that I am a RN too. I would never think that I would not have to wait in line just because I work 10 hours a day, just like you.

You are a racist, and should never be allowed to go into any store again.

If you make so much money, why are you shopping at Wal-Mart, the place you feel only the *** of the earth shop? Go get yourself some help bi$#h!!!!

happy go lucky

HEY PHYSCO ........SHE SHOULD OF KNOCKED YOU OUT RIGHT IN THAT FAT *** FACE OF YOURS I know I would of without thinking twice before doing it!!!! You have to look like a porker from all the free $25 gift certificates you beg for.

You are no better then the lady or all the other races you have made race comments on from your other complaints!!! BEGGER BEGGER BEGGER!!!!! GET YOURSELF SOME HELP!!!! 90k should get you alot of help.

Oh you by the way don't have to there about being jealous that you make 90k it is peanuts to what I make a year.

How you came from 80 to 90 in one month is a big question????who are you scr$wing oh i forgot you collect all the free $25 gift. cards :p :x :sigh :zzz :grin

happy go lucky

You are racist, everyone steals reguardless of color, and you think because of your occupation you should get preferred treatment.


Why should I have to wait for my turn. I work ten hours a day and make more money than probably 99 percent of the people in line.

I also spend more money than them. It was 6:30 pm when I went to the store, and I still had to make supper. You must be jealous of the amount of money I make or a sexully frustrated teenager. I am not racist.

It is not my fault negros steal from the store. It is a fact, sad but true. You can't call racism on something that is not real.

I make 90k a year, and shop there often.

To show that he appreciates my service the manager could have at least let me in line. By the time I left the store it was 7:15, I got home at 7:25, my kids could not have their dinner until 8:30 and I could not spend time with them because after they had finsihed their meal it was their bedtime.

I am a single parent and work ten hours a day. Get off this forum if you are going to act like a child and accuse me of racism.


Is this for real? You must be crazy and a racist. Wait your turn next time.