Cincinnati, Ohio
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in june i purchased a intex swimming pool with a replacement plan so if something did happen to the pool well the liner broke a month after i bought it was told to see if any other walmarts in the area had one and they would replace it no stores had any was then told to mkeep it until summer was over and call the company would replace the liner well i was told that since it was prexisting condition they could not do nothing for me i'm going to return everything i have purchased with replacement plan and never shop at any walmart store again also transfer my meds to another pharmace it cost me $100.00 to find out what kind of store walmart is walmart is just another rip off never had any kind of problem like this before have bought tv's computers food all refunded or replaced before seem like walmart don't need good customer anymore and yes stores are very missed managed

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Replacement.

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I very much doubt you will be missed. Also you are not a loyal customer if you boycott a company because of one bad experince out of many. Are you sure you were not off your depression meds when writing this.