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Walmart Money Card is a scam! Someone stole $1,050 from me; they made transactions with ATT, Pathmark, and KFC all in New York (I live in Austin TX).

I contacted Walmart as soon as I noticed the transactions which was the day after on June 27, 2012. They told me that they could not do anything about it, I had to wait for the transactions to post to my account and they were still pending. I spoke to several people that day and spent over 5 hours trying to get everything handled only to give up in desperation. I spoke to many rude agents including a female supervisor from Green Dot who proceeded to tell me that there was nothing she could do; she would lock my acct and my relationship would be ended with Green Dot.

I asked her why (I knew because I told her I would sue if I had to), but she said because I was a liability, I wouldn't receive my direct deposit, I asked her where this was in writing and in terms and conditions and she said there was nothing in writing. When the 1st transaction posted from Pathmark for about $192 I contacted Walmart Money Card and disputed the transaction; I was informed that it could take up to 10 business days and that there was nothing they could do to expedite the process. I still had about $21 left on the card so the agent said she would lock the account and then when I want to get the money off I have to call back and get it unlocked. If she reported the card lost/stolen then I would not be able to get the remainder of the remainder of the money off the card.

When I called back to unlock the account nothing else was mentioned. When I noticed that the transaction had posted for AT&T which was for $685, $168 and KFC for about $6 I called and disputed these transactions also. I was told the same thing; I had to wait 10 days, there was nothing they could do. I also noticed there were declined transactions from Bethlehem, PA and the thieves took $0.93 for McDonald's, I asked the agent how this happened and they said because my card was active.

I reported it compromised and asked for a new card to be shipped whcich i thought was done already. Now Walmart Money Card is advising that my first transaction from Pathmark was declined because I didn't report my card lost/stolen, how was I going to get my $20 off?? And I thought they did that after I took the money off. The agent even agreed to this.

I haven't heard anything back for my second dispute, I keep sending the dispute forms, but somehow they aren't receiving it. Meanwhile, I'm late on rent, my car note, and other bills, but they don't care at all!!


Monetary Loss: $1.

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Yes I Also Had $166.00 From My account. Because Wish Took More Out Then They Were Supposed to.

I think They They Are irresponsible Idiots. AND THIS IS WHY I WILL BE GETTING RID OF YHIS CARD SOON.


Well, I do not want to blame visa or master. I have a walmart gift card, bearing no visa or mastercard logo on it.

Someone stole the number and used in California.

I contacted walmart, I got same answer as OP. "We cannot do anything."


The same thing happend to me 8/31/2013 $644 used at target in Brooklyn newyork I live in okc


Walmart just SELLS the cards. You need to contact Visa or GE Money Bank about this issue.


my husband and I are going through some thing we have deposit money on to our money card with no problem until june 26 2012. for the past 2 weeks we have spoken to several representatives who have tried to be helpful unfortunately we still have yet to receive our money. at this point I am preparing myself to consult with an attorney.


Okay, DK may be short for don't know, but explain your poor grammar now.


"why do you comment if you don't have anything good/helpful to say? "

Says the person who is being off topic and bring spelling and grammar into this when they spell and have bad grammar themselves.

I am being helpful, I am telling you to be more responsible in the future so this does not happen again. I did give you advice to call the police.


Actually I have contacted the police and they are working with the NYPD or whoever will help handle this, but they advised that it will be a long time before they get my money back, but because there's a report Walmart Money Card should help me. Why do you comment if you don't have anything good/helpful to say?

Get a life, and I work at a customer service center and I am a supervisor so I'm not rude to anyone because I understand.

If you look on BBB there are plenty of complaints about them. As I said before, how about you don't speak on something you don't know (OR DK WHICH IS SHORT FOR DON'T KNOW GENIUS!)


Check your spelling "Dk" is not a word. Check your grammar as well.

Also most likely they hung up on you because you were rude.

Also genius have you tried contacting the police. I am sure that some of these places have cameras and they can find who stole your credit card.


LG, how would I do that? It's a MasterCard and I did contact them, but they referred me back to Green Dot.

Should I contact the corporate office?

Thanks! :p


They were actually rude because they hung up on me several times and had an attitude, let me see you lose over $1000 and not be pissed they are bs'ing, don't speak on something you dk about Jedi knight Ethan and check your grammar.


Sign here we go again, not giving you something you want or not telling you something want to hear is not the same as being rude. Maybe if you were careful with your things this would not have happened.


you need to contact mastercard or visa and report the theft.


you need to contact mastercard or visa and report the theft.