My 12 year old daughter was caught shoplifting there and they made a big deal over it all over CD's totaling $100 more or less. For a company that makes that much money to be harsh on a child is wrong. Come on she is only 12 years old. She even admitted she would have bought the CD's but they refused to sell them to her since they were parental advisery. Who are they to tell my daughter what CD's she can and can't get. They think that because they are the biggest retailer they can tell us how to raise our children. Also she is only 12 years old, she does not know any better. If it was an adult I can see why they would be so uptight but this is a 12 year old. I have no problem with her listening to those CD's who are they telling me what my child can and cant listen to that is my job not theirs.

Also for the idiots who are planning on asking why did I not purchase the CD's for her. For one thing she was shopping with a friend's mother. Another thing, who are they to say that she cannot buy the CD's that is my job not theirs.

I even offered to buy the CD's for her but they told me that she already committed the crime. I even asked them if I could buy the CD's after this whole thing is done with, they told me that they would excort us out of the store and she would not be allowed in the store without a parent, and if we do return to the store she is not to leave my side. I won't be returning and I bought the same CD's for her at Target.

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Wow! Now I know what is wrong with society, parents like you, do you pull alcohol and cigarettes for her too!

Stealing is wrong and you making excuses for her is doing her no good. I can't believe you would post this thinking someone would feel sympathy for you.

Your daughter deserves better, you are not her friend, your he parent. Its about time you grew up and acted like one


You should be ashamed of yourself for even posting this. Your "child" is 12 years old and obviously knows better...she just seems to lack discipline and common sense.

Your bad parenting led up to her committing this crime and you're taking absolutely no responsibility. Walmart did the right thing when they banned your daughter, she stole from them. At that point, your daughter is no longer a customer but a thief.

They should have banned you too. I wouldn't want you OR your daughter shopping at my store either.


And I'm sure you are one of the people in the pictures posted on the web making fun of certain Walmart shoppers! Are you for REAL??

Even a pack of gum that costs 25 cents that isn't paid for is STEALING! The next time you are at Walmart - maybe you should see if they sell - "Parenting for DUMMIES" - but, then again, you probably are incapable of reading it!

Deleon Springs, Florida, United States #415344

How sad. This is what the world has come to.

Crappy parenting, poor writing skills and defending his/her child's bad behavior. How about being a parent and teaching your child right from wrong?


First, I would be happy they were so hard on her maybe she'll learn since you obviously aren't going to teach her. Second, EVERY retail store will deny your child to buy those CDs is she is underage.

So if oyu dont care if she has them then you need to buy them for her. I'm guessing she stole them because she knew the stores wouldn't sell them too her.


I would have kept this private instead of telling the world what a dumb *** I was.


The more I read this, the more I think it's a hoax or the girl herself herself wrote it. No grown man would write this and make these little excuses like this...

Not to be sexes...

But this sounds like the writing of a 12year old girl.. Surprised there aren't any OMGs in there.


"Yeah, you're a ***. How can you complain about anything when you're such an utter failure as a parent.

It's sad when the world biggest retailer has to parent your kid because you're too lazy/incompetent/absent to do it."

I couldn't have said it any better my self.

Take some time off from spending your gov. checks and raise your kid.


I don't want personally attack you, but you have GOT TO BE KIDDING! I hope this is just a troll trying to stir up people.

First off shoplifting is wrong and nobody is going to listen to excuses about a twelve year old whom should have known better. They are not going to sell children items intended for adults. They weren't singling your child out.

That is, and has always been their policy. You sound crazy if you think anything you posted makes any sense.

Good for you! All shoplifters should boycott Walmart!

I for one have decided to do all my shoplifting at Target.

Take that, Walmart! :cry

Wow. Just wow.

When I was only 4 I took a piece of candy from a store, after my mother found out she drove me back to say sorry to the store worker. I've never stolen since then. First off: she's TWELVE! She should know way better.

Why would you reward her for committing a crime. I can't blame wal mart for banning her.


Yeah, you're a ***. How can you complain about anything when you're such an utter failure as a parent.

It's sad when the world biggest retailer has to parent your kid because you're too lazy/incompetent/absent to do it.

Be an adult.

Teach your kid that the world does owe her things for free and that actions have consequences. Stop whining, and hopefully you can correct her before she does something crazy.


When I was 5 years old, I stole a gem bag from a craft's store. When my Mom found out about it, I was told to go to the corner, put my hands up (for a long time your hands can get sore), and wait till my Dad had a word to say to me.

At the time I thought it was the worst thing that happened to me, but now I'm so thankful for them for teaching me so early that stealing was wrong.

Now I'm just...wow...You allow her to get CDs meant for people over 17 years of age, but then saying "she's only 12 years old, she doesn't know any better." Bull. If she feels so grown up to steal a Parental Advisory CD, then she *** well should feel grown up about facing the consequences.


You need to take a good look at yourself as a mother, because if it was my child which it wasn't we would have problems..I would have punished her/him 4 that..Lady u got issues and I think u need to take some more parenting classes, cause obviously you don't know how to raise a child. I just hope u dn't have anymore children, because we wouldn't want them to be on the Most Wanted.

i stopped reading at the first paragraph of the complaint 1st-they dont have to sell the CD's to your child knowing that it was attempted to be stolen! 2nd-you are lucky that not one of you have been locked up!!

and lastly you give people with kids a bad rep!!

and hope that the child does not grow up on the street corner!! :(

You are an ***. You not only have failed as a parent, but you have failed as an adult figure in your child's life.

Maybe that is why your 12 year old is stealing CDs. Good luck, maybe we'll see you and the rest of your wacked out family on the 11 O'Clock news.


The absolute stupidity of your comment astounds me. If you told female coworkers that they had " great bodies",then you committed sexual harassment.

And if they asked you to stop and you didn't, you were not " falsely accused" and were rightfully terminated. And if you continued to make those comments to other female coworkers at another job, then you have a serious problem and should seek professional help immediately. Personally , I think you are a f#$king ***.

And more than likely a sexual predator, who hasn't acted on his urges yet . It's only a matter of time before you do something horrible to some poor woman.


Your twelve year old daughter gets caught shoplifting, and you're blaming Walmart because they wouldn't sell them to her? Really?

Walmart won't sell her a gun either , are you gonna *** about that? When she knocks over the local liquor store next month, are you gonna blame them for not selling her a fifth of gin? Or when she robs her first bank, are you gonna blame them for not giving her a loan? Maybe you should focus on teaching your daughter to be a productive member of society, instead of a criminal.

Twelve years old or not, she should know the difference between right and wrong.

And if not, then shame on you for not giving a *** enough to teach her. Shame on you.


You are blaming WalMart for not selling your 12 year old daughter CDs after she tried to steal them? And you were going to reward her by buying them for her?

Oh and btw, if your daughter "doesn't know better" than to steal at age 12, you have majorly FAILED at parenting. I wouldn't be advertising that.


Wow...lets teach our child some accountability here! This parent needs to be taught a thing or 1000 about parenting. They are more worried about the fact that a business was following regulations set by the government and their own shoplifting policies than the fact that their daughter committed a crime that would have gotten her in legal problems in some areas.

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