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i purchased a computer game for my daughter, when i installed the game it would not open.the game was never played because it would not open,i took the game back to the store and they would not let me return the game, their soultion was to give me the same game i didn't want the same game because it would not work on my computer,this is the stupidest thing they need to post a sign letting ppl know to buy these games at their own risk.i wouldn't have gotten so upset if the game hadn't cost 50 dollars,thats just crazy to pay that much for a game and it wouldn't work. i have spent alot of money at this store but i will never spend another dime there.people have the right to know that if u buy a game like that that they will not honor a exchange or refund.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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On further contemplation of the allegations made by Jedi Ethan and now Funny about stalking, it makes me wonder.

First, I don't believe that Ethan or Funny or anyone else on this site is 13 years old. Those supposed facts are just ludicrous and ridiculous.

Now, going to the deep side of their assertions, assume for just a fleeting second that these statements are remotely possibly true. Hasn't anyone ever told these people that if they feel threatened on the computer, they should LOG OFF???????

I am going to address Ethan and Funny directly. If either of you believe that stalking is going on here on this site, call the FBI and the police. Are you so st_pid that you would accuse people of a potential crime and keep posting to them? There are agencies in USA and Canada that protect children from cyberstalkers. None of you can be so ignorant in today's world not to know this! Seriously, if you are scared enough or big enough or troubled enough to mention our motives being unlawful, do something about it. Log off, tell your parents and call for law enforcement help if you REALLY believe your well being is in jeopardy by potential stalkers.

Remember - this challenge is a two way street!!! Be prepared to deal with the trouble that you brought upon yourself trying to bring trouble on us!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember, every computer has an IP address!


Also dummy they cannot make it right if your computer does not have the requirements for the game. It is your job as an adult to know what requirements your computer has and if it will work on your computer. Seriously this is not their fault but yours grow up.


They do not need to put the sign, they expect an adult like yourself to know that you cannot return opened electronics. It is not their fault you are unable to read and know what the requirements for the game are and if your computer has them.

If you can't do this have someone who knows how to read to read the requirements for you. It is not the stupidest thing it is a law. You are the stupidest thing for not knowing this. There are signs, just because you don't know how to read or chose not to read them does not mean they have to give in to you.

John is another one who is not familar with copyright laws. Just because you don't have common knowledge does not mean they must break the laws for you. GROW UP.

You are supposed to be a parent, be a better role model instead of calling the policy which is by the law the stupidest thing ever. I agree the only thing defective is your brain and maturity level, not the computer game.


If you want to get your game exchanged, call 202-224-3121.

Explain that you want the copyright laws changed just so you can exchange this game.


Exchange it for an unopened copy of the same game then go to another walmart and get a store credit and get a different game or something else. Nuff sed


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"my computer does meet the requirements of the game"

Um, then why did you buy the game then? As stated, since the inception of the CD burner, no store has ever taken any form of CD/DVD back in exchange for cash. This policy is not exclusive to Wal-Mart by any stretch of the imagination.

There's hardly anything Wal-Mart won't give you cash back for, but video games are one of them.


Do yourself a favor and before you swear off Wal-Mart, call Target, Best Buy, and anyone else you can think of and ask them if they would refund open software. When they all say no, don't shop there either.

Open software is not refundable! Never has been, never will be. I can't believe some people still don't know that.

And one more thing, just because your computer can't play a game doesn't mean the game is defective. The only thing defective here is your brain and maturity level.


there were not any signs posted about no computer does meet the requirements of the game, the game simply would not work.i have bought several computer games and never had a problem..and it might be common knowledge to some people but i didn't know u could not return them..i was not trying to rip them off the game simply did not work,if they are gonna sell them then they should make it right when it does not work..i gave them 50 bucks for nothing...


1. Very hard to return opened computer games because of piracy- this is common knowledge.

By the way, there are signs.

2. Assuming the game would not work on your computer because your computer does not meet the necessary requirements, then this would be your fault not Walmarts.


Maybe you should buy from a store who actually cares about their customer? Is it not a secret Wal Mart service sucks?