I recieved some clothes for Christmas that were not only my taste, but not my size, Walmart refused to even allow me to exchange, treated me like i was trying to steal from them.

That is not where it ends, because of their poor return policy I had to go and ask my friend for the receipt.

I was very upset at her for sending me something that is not my size at all. It was obviously a gift she got from someone else that she did not like, and because she did not like her gift she sent it on to me. She lied, to me and told me she bought it with her own money. When I asked for the receipt to return it she said she threw it out.

I told her she was obviously lying and that she did not throw the receipt out, that she gave me "leftovers" something she did not like. Funny how it was her size.

She kept lying and saying she bought the gift with her own money and threw the receipt out. She called me ungrateful, well it was almost three weeks since I tried to return her thoughtless gift and we still have not spoken to each other.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I wonder if people are really as *** as they sound.


This is USA, we have entitlement issues and stuff, so she probably is like this in real life unfortunately.


If I were your friend this would be the last birthday, or Christmas gift you ever got from me. You are ungrateful and It would not surprise me if was a long time before she spoke to you again.

I am surprised that she still considers you a "friend".

Friends don't treat each other rudely the way you did over a gift they did not like.


What happened to my comment where I told her that if she made a fuss about my gift I would tell her to *** guess they don't like profanity, even if the OP deserves it.