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On Sept. 28, 2015, my wife took our 2009 Honda Accord Coup (only 50,000 km, immaculate condition, all options) into the Walmart Automotive department to have a new battery installed. I was not available as I was at a rehabilitation hospital undergoing therapy for a recent above knee amputation. We were selling our vehicle to assist in costs that we will be having as a result of my amputation (renovations, etc.).

My wife, after dropping it off and speaking with the service manager, went into the grocery area to shop for some items. While paying for those items, she was paged over the store PA system to come to the Automotive desk. My wife thought that this was great as the vehicle was ready.

When she got there the service manager explained to her that one of her authorized Walmart service men was driving our vehicle into the shop area, when another vehicle apparently cut in front of him causing him to swerve to avoid hitting that vehicle, but in doing so, he hit another vehicle with our vehicle! She said damage was not bad and that Walmart would look after all the damage as it was their fault entirely, as it was a Walmart employee that was driving our vehicle. The service manager, obviously knowing my wife was upset, asked the STORE MANAGER if she could 'comp' the battery. Apparently the Store MANAGER told the automotive manager that NO, it might 'appear' to be 'bribing' my wife, in somewhat terms, and they could not be shown to be doing that.

I found all this out when I went back into the Walmart store on Oct. 17. 2015. I asked to speak with the Store Manager and was told that she would be see me in Automotives, but she never showed up... wonder why??

My wife was upset and realized that the damage was more than just minor. She was contacted by an adjustor working for Walmart who promptly asked my wife to drive around and get estimates. My wife, who is on disability for depression related issues, could not drive to do this, so she had her father drive her to get the estimates.

The estimates were for approximately $3,900 & $3,500. The adjustor emailed us back (on Oct. 20, 2015) saying that they were prepared to close this case, offering us $2,850. He said that some parts were new and he would not accept having that and had to depreciate a number of parts. That was their final offer.

I spoke with this person via phone on Oct. 22, 2015. I explained to him that our car was in immaculate condition, low mileage and that we were selling it, thus wanting a new battery to make everything perfect. He did not even offer us a rental vehicle while ours was being repaired (he did concede this only after I brought it up and made my argument). He said that Walmart accepts complete responsibility for the accident but that was all they would pay, final offer.

I asked him to take the vehicle themselves (Walmart) and have it repaired and brought back to us in prime condition and you can guess his response... it was a no, not possible.

So I now ask YOU... is this the way for a multi billion dollar company to provide 'GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE', to offer basically 73% of the cost of having it repaired by a reputable company..... making my wife and I come up with approximately another $1000 to have our vehicle fixed?? We had nothing to do with this accident. Walmart was 100% responsible and acknowledged this. WHAT A WAY TO DO BUSINESS!!

I could see if we were somewhat responsible, but we were not!! But wait, maybe we were, my wife did take it there... maybe that is the mistake and part responsibility that we are being forced to accept.




Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Pros: Automotive manager who was truthful and honest.

Walmart Cons: Refuse to pay complete cost of repairs, Store managers who failed to talk to me, An associate female manager who did not want to wear me, Customer service reps who do not read emails.

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*** *** both of you (anonymous from 17 hours ago AND the original poster). OK, I retract any empathy or compassion I expressed earlier. Apparently you don't recognize sympathy when you get it so get OVER it, move on, and quit whining about your situation and the car.


THAT IS EXACTLY MY POINT!!!! Why is it so hard for you and the OP to understand I AM A SYMPATHETIC PERSON who was trying to say I was sorry they were having any problems, but that the amputation was the worst of it, and I addressed it FIRST with sympathy as a HUMAN BEING. Maybe you BOTH need brain amputations since neither one of you is using yours.


First I am so sorry you had an amputation. That alone is enough to deal with.

Is it possible for you to hire a lawyer and sue them?

It may seem like a lot of trouble, but the situation is so outrageous it may be worth it. Don't pay any attention to Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber, they like to stir up ***.


Did you even read my review, I had the amputation BEFORE the incident with my wife, I cannot take legal advice. Their employee was driving.

Walmart had nothing to do with my amputation. I appreciate your help, but you did not read my review which makes you Tweedle dumbest.


I understood perfectly what you were saying, and was showing sympathy that you had to have an amputation. I did not in any way say Walmart was responsible for your amputation, and WAS NOT giving you legal advice, just asking a question as to whether you could sue them for DAMAGING THE CAR to make them pay to fix it.

Since you want to respond as an *** and call me names, I hope you never get any satisfaction from Walmart, and that your wife never leaves the house again.

Maybe you could get another amputation and someone else MAY sympathize with you, but you just lost all my compassion.


The are responsible for the damages of the car and not anything else this person is asking for.