Las Vegas, Nevada
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After waiting 20 minutes in line tonight my local Walmart in Downtown Henderson NV refused to cash my paycheck.

I have a Walmart Debit Card and shop there weekly but my check wasn't approve by their phone system.

I'm done with this BS-They have lost a loyal customer

This is a big joke wasted my time and gas going to do business with a local business that gives me nothing I was so pissed off I didn't go shopping so I guess Take Out Food is the winner .

Walmart has lost my green backs for good.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Why are there so many *** hiding behind their computer now days. All you troll why don't you mind your *** business. Yes I am sure this person knows of banks you *** Just because you open an account and want all your money and actions monitored doesn't mean we all do.


they have a sign that says they cash checks and do not specify if they refuse sue


That is not how it works they can refuse to cash any check with out notice. They have no duty to cash it..


It is 2018. I would recommend you direct deposit or at the very least a bank account.

Walmart is a store NOT a bank.

You are expecting financial services from the same place you get your milk and eggs. I am sorry for your lost time and trouble but you should have expected it at some level.


Who's sucking Wal-Mart's *** Internet trolls have nothing better to do then be a *** to someone for no apparent don't know there situation...this *** is probably some slow person walmart greeter that's pissed off because nobody gives two *** about them or there stickers lmfao!! And obviously this is a huge problem for walmart there are so many forums and complaints on here its unreal and if all those people quit going then it will make a difference!!

Some people don't believe in banks for there own reasons..and certegy check services is a bunch of discriminating pieces of *** For the real people that's having trouble with this I'm sorry and I hope that you find another way to get your checks cashed a receive your hard earned money! Have a blessed day!


Wal-Mart is not a BANK.

And they won't miss you one single iota, so go ahead and boycott.


the only checks that get cashed at walmart are employee checks. they won't cash anything else so you're *** for no reason really. go to the bank and cash your check like every other adult in the world


That's a lie. Have you ever cashed a payroll check there??? They deny those too at time's for a multitude of reasons.


Wal-mart has a system that only cashes checks from certain places. This is extremely common for check-cashing locations.

It's no different than a machine that only accepts Visa or Mastercard, but not AmEx. There are many places where you can cash checks that are not banks, although banks are the only places that are 100% insured.

You not shopping there anymore will not cause Wal-Mart one second of worry.


Anyone who thinks banks are their friends obviously hasn't had their "friends" open up your account to the federal, state, or local government to plunder. Banks are an arm of the federal government taking in money either legally or illegally.

I ran a business and the local government didn't apply my tax payments properly, then ran to the bank and took what I had already paid them again. It caused a few headaches for a few days, but since then, I've decided that banks aren't the only way to go.

For everyone shaming this person saying "go to a bank" - you clearly have never had a mistake from the government take your money from the bank and then you're out until they can "correct" it.

These folks are quick to take - but very slow to return.

If Walmart cashes checks, then this person has a reasonable expectation that his should be cashed too. Get off your moral high horses and realize there are other circumstances other than your preconceived notions of how things should be.


No wonder you went anonymous. Walmart is not obligated to cash checks.


What kind of ignorant answer is that?


If by "ignorant" you mean "truthful", you got it. Idiot.

What kind of person makes a comment without backing their *** up? Walmart is NOT obligated to cash checks!!


But they advertise that they cash checks as one of their services.


Walmart only has problems cashing checks that have some type of error. Maybe you accidentally put in the wrong social security number, maybe you have outstanding debt that is being reported through greendot.

Ask your payroll department for direct deposit. There - problem solved!


Their not a bank, go to the a bank, I mean you can't buy Doritos, and paper towels at the bank. NO rollback specials!, but your not complaining about that.

I guess now you'll have to go to the bank, cause your done with Walmart your gonna show them! Yeah right, I pick up a copy of fortune 500 next month, and read about how you affected their bottom line, and you ruin them! OH to be young again and really think that it matters to them LOL how cute.

The six year old kids sewing their clothes for 4 cents an hour pull more weight then you do, and they won't cash their checks either!


regular cashiers are not allowed to cash paychecks anymore to my knowledge. People should just go to the money center to start with.


money center at Walmart = fat lady smacking on gum with extra long nasty curved fingernails and dumass attitude.


I love long curved fingernails, the more to scratch with.


Mmm, me too. With no remorse.