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After waiting 20 minutes in line tonight my local Walmart in Downtown Henderson NV refused to cash my paycheck.

I have a Walmart Debit Card and shop there weekly but my check wasn't approve by their phone system.

I'm done with this BS-They have lost a loyal customer

This is a big joke wasted my time and gas going to do business with a local business that gives me nothing I was so pissed off I didn't go shopping so I guess Take Out Food is the winner .

Walmart has lost my green backs for good.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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For all of u assuming people have bounced checks, and dont have bank accounts to get direct deposit... you might want to do some research and reconsider your assumption.

I have a bank account and because of company error i was issued a paper check. I went to WalMart because it is close to my job to try and cash the check, the machine spits out a little piece of paper saying that the COMPANY has bad checks in their system. For those of you geniuses that will say "go to your bank" My bank branch is 2 states away because all of the local ones are closed now... hence the reason i get direct deposit in the first place.

Now I have to drive around looking for places to cash my check that was issued to me in paper form in error of the company and i have to pay for it to be cashed. Dont always put the blame on the consumer or the person who just wants their money.


You can't put the blame on wal-marts for not cashing your check either. Probably got smart with the cashier who tryed to cash it not their fault either. Maybe you need to reconsider the they type of company your working for and stop putting the blame on others except the one who's to blame YOUR JOB.


To be honest if your banks local branches have closed then you PROBABLY shouldn't be banking with them anymore... Would have saved you the hassle at Wal-Mart.


Go to a bank!

Jedi Knight ethan for president!


I too tried to cash a payroll check ay my WM and it was refused. I've cashed my checks at WM probably 10-12 times over the past 6 years and never a problem. Ive cashed probably 5 checks from my current employer drawn on the same credit union. Took me by surprise. I don't write/bounce checks and my credit is fine. I called the number and it said fraud prevention. Only possible explanation is I entered my SS wrong on the keypad.

For those rudely saying 'ever hear of a bank'.

Umm...I got my check Fri at 6pm and tried to cash it Sat afternoon long after my bank was closed. I didn't want to wait til Monday. Ever consider that?

And for those who get direct...fantastic for you...my place doesn't offer it...I would hardly say 'most' jobs offer it.


Walmart relies on either Telecheck or Vericheck to scan and monitor all payroll and government checks that come through. Should the system decline the check, there is no way for them to manually enter the check amount and cash it for you.

This is to combat check fraud. That being said, there was no possible way, no matter how angry you became, for them to cash that check.


Also, Wal-Mart is not a "local business."


Nor is Wal-Mart obligated to provide any of its services, such as providing food. If you were to wait in line fully expecting to purchase a cart full of food, then to be told at check out that because the amount of food you've put in the cart is more than it has been the past couple of trips you're not allowed to purchase these products (nor will you be able to purchase them for the next 5 days) you'd be a little fumed as well.


Most people who can't cash a check at a bank (or get direct deposit) are folks that have bounced several checks or owe a bank money and can't open a checking account because of that. There aren't many options for the writer and they are often gouged in fees for cashing a check.

That said, there isn't much sympathy for people who don't follow the rules in life and then complain when things don't go they way they plan. Wal-Mart won't cash your check?

Take it down the road to the Fiesta Casino (or any other casino) . They will be happy to cash it for you...for a fee.


Most casinos will not cash a payroll check due to the responsible gaming campaign. Fyi for those know it alls.


Ever hear of a bank?


Who gets a paper paycheck anymore? Most people have to use direct deposit or a paycard (debit card)to recieve their pay.


Wal-Mart is not legally obligated to cash your check. Take it to a bank.

Don't forget to boycott all stores that wouldn't cash your check either.


My daughter and I spent a lot of time shopping for what we needed, we both had a buggy full. We got up to the register and the phone thing also said they could not cash my daughters check; which was from a hospital where she works.

First of all it was very embarrasing, and second of all, my daughter has excellent credit.

She called the number and they told her there was no reason for them not to cash her check. I told my daughter we should leave both buggies and say screw them, but I was leaving town the next morning and we needed everything we got.


Cashing your paycheck at Walmart? A loyal customer of Walmart?

WOW, Walmart is the definition of TRASH. Get a bank account and deposit your check into that bank and save some money.

It's amazing when you save what the world opens up to. Then you can say goodbye to Walmart for good.


Wow! There are some mean , cruel and idiotic people making comments about something they have no clue about!

What if I told you that the people using banks are the real idiots! Paying *** made up fees for YOUR hard earned money! Wait, now that sounds *** to me! Or having to go to an atm to get YOUR money, and paying a fee to withdraw YOUR money!

Wait, that sounds *** too! What about paying a fee to even write a check on YOUR money. That also sounds ***. So it's all how you look at it.

I had a bank account and realized how *** I was for having one and paying all of those made up fees!

Nothing wrong with my credit, enough money, never bounced a check! Some people need to educate themselves before spouting complete nonsense!

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