Buffalo, New York
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I went to walmart today to make a copy of a picture that is 18 years old for my sisters birthday. I have spent over $500 in photo printing at this location and have printed this same picture at least one other time. They wouldn't give it to me because I didn't have the copyrights for it.

One, it is 18 years old, how am I supposed to get the copyright for it. And two, the studio went out of buisness.

Not to mention I stood waiting for 10 minutes before someone even came to help me, and then when she did finally come to the desk she was a *** to me. I'm surprised I didn't cause a scene at this.

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:zzz i want to know how 2 get my gift card..


WalMart employees are ***...get a copy of the studio's logo and make up some letterhead and do your own release. All it has to say is that the studio gives you the right to make prints of that photograph


Why don't you *** pulltype. You as well Shaun. I wish I knew where you *** live so that I could beat the *** out of you losers.


scan it in yourself, remove the studio's mark in photoshop or something. and save that file to a usb or cd and then go print that out.


Too bad you didn't cause a scene and get arrested. Would have made the day for those people watching.

All the photo print places I have been to also bring up the copyright problem and it is not easy to solve. What do you expect?