Canton, Georgia
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My daughter saw a :"Black Friday ad for a bathroom rug set. She went to the Canton, GA store Friday am, went to the housewares Dept.

found the product. The sales price was $6+ but rang up $12+. She pointed out the problem and Cust. Serv.

said the lower price was "ONLY" for the items that were on a special pallet which was actually near the pharmacy. They went looking for it and found the pallet but it did not have the color she wanted.

The exact item as on the pallet was in housewares but they wouldn't give her the price even though it was the same item as on the pallet. She was told the color she wanted had actually been on the pallet but was sold out.

Nowhere in the ad did it say the item had to be purchased off of a particular pallet, AND the "pallet" was not even located anywhere near the housewares department.

WHAT A RIP-OFF. The most amazing thing was that when the situation was fully explained to the store manager NOTHING was done.

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I seriously doubt the item you wanted and the item on the so called "special pallet" were the same item. Even if they were I bet you picked a color that wasn't included in the Black Friday sale.