Apollo, Pennsylvania

The store was busy on a Saturday evening,around 5:30pm-6:30pm.I made an attempt to purchase my items on the "self-register",most of the items wasn't scanning.So I went to the "10 items or less" register,having a buggy load of items,with the checkout lines,stretching to the clothing dept.,the cahier on that register told me not to come at her register and pointed at the "sign" letting me know that she wasn't going to deal with my buggyload of items.I looked around,could't believe what just happened,a bit hurt about the situation,all of the registers were full with customers,frustrated,I left and do not want to come back ever again!I"ll just take my business eslewhere!

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Way to tell it like it is!


complain265, you are the kind of self important, elitist and racist *** that gives people who have money a bad name. I could buy and sell most of the people I deal with on a daily basis ten times but I do not have my head so far up in a dark place that I think that makes me better than them.

I treat everyone I encounter with respect because I believe that how I treat other people tells more about me than anything else. As for Wal-Mart, their profits for a single day could buy and sell you a thousand times and using your value system, that makes them better and more important than you. So why should they care if they upset you? They have a hundred customers waiting to take your place in line and without the arrogant whining.

As for the original post, I can see that not being able to complete your self checkout because your items would not scan would be frustrating.

The thing you have to realize is that everyone there was in the same boat, so it would not be reasonable to expect that it is OK to inconvenience others just because you have been inconvenienced. If you don’t like the store and you don’t want to shop there anymore that’s fine.

But don’t proceed under the belief that you have been wronged. What happened to you is just the way things go when you shop at a big store at a busy time.


Well said.


I am a cashier at Walmart. In my store management tells us that we are not to say anything to people that have more than 10 items.

I do what I am told because I need my job. I do not agree that we should not say anything. The person behind them who only has 10 items or less is just as important, in my opinion. Sometimes we don't have a customer and people think that we should be working and not standing around.

However, they do not realize that our line had been non-stop for most of the day and this is the first time we have had to catch our breath.

Also the minute we start checking them out 3 or 4 more customers will get in our line who have less than 11 items and they are upset because they have to wait for the person who is not following the rules. I believe every customer is important regardless of their status, how much money they make, how much money they spend at Walmart, etc.


The only thing you left out of your little sob story was: 1 - you were obviously discriminated against because of your race, 2 - You're handicapped and on "limited" income, and 3 - Now your poor kids are going to starve because you couldn't purchase food for them.

Haven't you read any of the other posts on this site?? You must have all of those issues before anyone here will listen to you. :p

John N

WalMart is now cutting expenses to the point where they have fewer and fewer lanes open. They have many more of the self-serve lanes open than the manned ones.

I personally refuse to go thru a self-serve lane. If I got a discount, perhaps I would reconsider. I have also left cartloads of food in stores, including WalMart, when the lanes became long and the store doesn't have brains enough to open more lanes to accommodate customers.

Their managers stand around scratching their backsides instead of themselves getting on a lane and checking customers out. I stay out of WalMart and shop at Target or Meijers where they at least want to take my money quickly.


10 items or less means just that. You're not any more special than anyone else, and need to wait in line with everyone else.


Its a 10 item or less lane, why did you think they would let you go through it?