I was at Walmart on July 5th. I was checking out. I had 3 little boys with me all under the age of 9. I had all of my grocery on the check out counter and I had a case of beer on bottom of the buggy. Well, I tell my kids to stand by the buggy,1, so they are not in the way and 2, so no one pick my kids up and hit the door before I can reach them. So this lady had already bagged and rang up all of my stuff except for the beer. She goes to ring it up and then throws her hands in the air and says she can't ring the beer up because of the kid's foot that had touched the box.

I asked her to please ring the beer up so we could leave and she couldn't because it was the law. She couldn't sell it to me even if I took the kids to the car. She said it was the law and she could lose her job. This is the most *** thing I have ever heard. I told her so. She acted like I was buying the beer for them. Mind you, they were all under 9 years old. She was showing out like I had done something wrong in front of God and everybody.

I have tried to call the Walmart there to talk to the management and no one comes to the phone. I will not be going back to this Walmart store ever again. I have been going to this store for the past 15 years. I go 2 or 3 times a week. I spend 2 or 3 hundred dollars a week there. I don't ever drink beer but the point is she acted like a crazy person. I don't ever like to buy beer, but my husband works and he likes to drink so I pick it up for him. She made me feel like I was trying to buy beer for the kids. I was very angry. Had I thought about it, I would have just left her with the whole buggy and the stuff to put up. I just wanted someone to know because I was very upset and can't get anyone on the phone.

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Next time just try 2 go without the kids.Maybe the cashier was having a bad day.

Don't spite your nose from your face. Walmart is a lot cheaper 4 groceries than other stores.

Don't try 2 over spend @ the other stores.I would go back but don't check out in her line.God bless mam!

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So you are willing to have the cashier fired, and as well to abandon and endanger your child just for beer. That is called having a drinking problem.


You must have a drinking problem if you want her to risk breaking the law and losing her job just to get your beer.You must have a drinking problem to leave your children unattended in a car where they can get kidnapped just so you can purchase the beer.

The fact that you would choose to purchase beer and that is more important than your children's safety shows you care more about beer than your children which means you have an alcohol problem.

She was not the crazy one, what was crazy is your leaving the children in the car alone abandoning/neglecting them just to buy your beer.I will be showing this review to my local CPS and showing them that you left your children unsupervised in a car, just to buy beer, your children being under nine years old.


I'm a Walmart cashier myself and I have encountered issues where I was unable to sell alcohol, but under completely different circumstances (expired I.Ds, having no ID; once even a 19 yr old girl gave money to her older boyfriend when she thought I wasn't looking)...But for behalf of this cashier you had a problem with, I apologize.

The cashier you encountered was over-reacting, and poorly represents how other Walmart cashiers behave.

Every store is different, and so is the management and staff.

I hope something like that doesn't happen again.:-


The reason your husband wants to drink is because you are ugly.Here are some beer facts said by Al Bundy as someone stated on your other post.

"All right, number one - if it wasn't for beer, there would be at least three people, who probably wouldn't be married - Me, Jefferson, and probably Lisa Marie Presley.

Number two - since men buy beer, advertisers have to cater to what we want. And hold on to your corncob pipe - we like pretty women. Pretty women sell beer, ugly women sell tennis rackets.

Pretty women - cars; ugly women - minivans.Pretty women make us buy beer, and ugly women make us *drink beer*.


yeah, this person from Apollo is just making up stories.


You do realize that this person is trolling right. If not she has mental issues, just like mrslea or whatever name she is going to use in the future.

Why not both?


None of your business you seem angry, maybe a few beers will make you feel better.


Really?you people are beyond ridiculous!u obviously dont have kids or a husband,get a life,i feel your stupidity,& it hurts :(


You do realize that this person is trolling right. If not she has mental issues, just like mrslea or whatever name she is going to use in the future.

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