Apollo, Pennsylvania

I won a 32" flatscreen TV in a raffle from a professional business organization I belong to. I wanted to exchange it for a 52" flatscreen with DVD player but was told that without a receipt, they could not take it back even for an exchange for a bigger, more expensive model. So I said, "Ok, I will go get the receipt from the committee member, who purchased it for the raffle." Then I was told that if the receipt was over 15 days old, they still would not exchange it.

As it turned out, someone suggested I move one of my TVs from one room and use this 32" in its place. Well, that worked out just fine and saved me over $500.00 I would have had to spend with the exchange. I am sending out a bulk e-mail to all the members in our association telling them about Wal-Mart's policy and how I was treated and that next time we wanted to buy something to raffle off, we may want to look into other merchants.

This store in La Marque is the worst Wal-Mart I have ever dealt with. I could understand if someone wanted their money back and did not have a receipt. But to turn down sales for almost twice as much as the original TV being returned and then to tell me that even if I had a receipt that they still would not honor it if it was over 15 days old makes no sense. That tells me I don't ever want to buy any electrical equipment from Wal-Mart, especially for holidays and birthdays.

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I know who you were talking to MsLea but it's hypocritical for you to calm someone greedy when you're nothing but a fake, greedy pig.


i hate winning useless *** from raffles too. odd they wouldnt take it back if it was un-opened even without a receipt.

in the past when i went to return something without a receipt they give me store credit on like a giftcard thing. glad it worked out for you in the end tho


I was talking about the OP and his TV raffle exhanging.


why don't you Lea? fake ***


You are a greedy ***! Grow up!


could you be any more greedy? you got a free TV and now you expect Walmart to bend the rules just for you?

you're selfish. sorry buddy, but to return something, you need proof of payment and have to return the product on time. I'm sorry that you're not grown up enough to understand that. my advice?

next time, be happy that you won the raffle instead of being greedy. when you email the other members, I hope they slap you across the face for being so selfish.


Name one store that will return a TV without a receipt. You can't because there aren't any. Then find the 2 stores that will return a TV after 15 days and make sure you only shop there from now on.


The reason u could not return it wasnt from walmart.It was from the place you won it from. That is one of ways people who win items cant return them for cash.

It is like one bad apple spoils it for all. dont be uhpset about it enjoy it. how many people out there dont even have a TV. We just think everybody does.

people will bring clothes they got from different place free for there kids at christmas time, just for the money. That is why they have had to stop some of the returns.

Hope you have a better day tomorrow. :)


I am sure that all the members on the raffle committee are not as dumb as you and already know that not only Walmart but every other merchant has the same policy. You can tell them that, and I am sure they will laugh at you, hopefully behind your back rather than in front of you.

You know what does not make sense is why you would go try returning something without receipt. They don't know when you bought it or if you somehow managed to steal it. They have to set a limit and most stores the limit is 15 days. If you do manager the members to shop elsewhere because they are dumb as you and don't know about the policies you should know some *** did the same thing at Target and threw a temper tantrum for the same reason, for not being allowed to return an electronic item after 15 days and yet another *** did the same at Staples.

So tell your committee not to go there either for raffles. Just a heads up.


You are what's wrong with society. You won a TV and weren't satisfied.

So you tried pawning it off an Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart did not want your TV THAT YOU **DID NOT** BUY.

So in your mass e-mail, did you explain that you were treated fairly and policy was followed and applied in your case, or are you CRYING because rules weren't broken and no body made an exception for you.


You went in without a recipt? Well, no wonder. :(