Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I have been price matching for years at Walmart. When my wife and I were ready to check out, 99% of our order was price matches. We

decided to go through one of the expresses due to it being faster. The cashier didn't seem to have that much trouble with the price

matches until we came to the broccholi. The ad stated something along the lines of 3lbs. of broccholi for a certain price. The cashier

had a hard time understanding what we were saying, so she asked to see the ad. My wife said that she wasn't suppost to ask for the ad.

She said she only wanted to see it so she can understand the ad better. I reluctantly gave her the ad. After about a minute the

cashier tells us we can not use the ad. I (at this point very upset) demanded to know why. She claims that we didn't have the right

kind of broccholi. We had heads of broccholi, not the broccholi bunches that the ad wanted. I told her that it didn't matter since she

wasn't suppost to see the ad anyways. Therefore her finding was not valid. The cashier still wouldn't budge on her decision. I then

told the cashier that I was going to report her to management. She still wouldn't budge. I told her I didn't want any of the items and

to void the whole transaction. I wasn't going to spend any of my hard earned money at a place that doesn't follow their own policies

for a valid ad.

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Newto, big deal, this other poster works at another walmart and the mother of a child actually switched prices and expected them to give the cheaper price. She just switched the items, the bar codes did not even match.

Then her child told the cashier how her mother switched the prices and tried to help her mother out thinking her mother did something legal. The mother threw a fit in the store demanding to get the cheaper price. The mother told the manager to arrest her seven year old saying if anyone switched it it was her child.

Then the mother threatened to beat the child and have someone pay her to rape her since she lost money from not being able to scam them and she beat the child for being honest and ruining her plan. I think switching price tags is the same as shoplifting.


Cindy, looks like your English skills are poor. You can't even construct a proper sentence. Maybe it was your "English" she had trouble understanding.


You and you wife were obviously trying to scam the cashier. They are not just supposed to give you the price match just because you claim something is on sale.

The fact that your wife refused to show them the ad was you know you were lying in the first place. She has every right to see the ad, and since you were in the wrong the would have lost money and she would have gotten in trouble. What she should have done was refused to serve you or called security on you. I bet the others in line knew exactly what you were lying to save money on broccoli.

By the way for a married man you are very dumb, it is spelled broccoli, that was a word in my sixth grade spelling book. Bet you cannot read either because it says that you have to show the ad to get the price, or I can claim that such and such store has a DVD player for $5. They cannot go by someone's word, especially if it is dishonest as yours and your wife's.

Do the world a favour and don't have children. We don't need you to teach them to be dishonest as you and your wife.


It is privileged customers like you that sit up high in your self-made pedestal that make me despise coming in to work every day. The cashier did her job correctly and is following the policy for the company that EMPLOYS her.

Do you really expect us to believe any and every customer when they tell us prices that seem unreasonable? Just today I had a woman come in and attempt to price match two L'oreal hair coloring products valued at $8.97 each for 2 for $5. I asked for the ad, she said she didn't have it but that it was a sale occurring at Walgreens so I cheerfully offered her to go look it up since we keep the ads in our store. I went and extensively searched for it and I did not find it, I came back to my register apologized for the wait and asked her if she recalled the week she said it had been this week's ad, so I told her I could not locate it and all she responded was 2 for $5, I informed her there was a huge price difference and I could not price match it without the ad, she was infuriated.

This woman wanted to get a $8.97 product for $2.50, is this acceptable to you? Do you realize this is the same as stealing? I find it appalling that customers actually get upset when we won't believe that diapers that cost $19.97 are for sale for $8.99 without showing us irrefutable proof. Do you people not realize if a cashier lets outrageous price matches go through she or he will get in trouble?

It's their *** and their job just so you can steal. Working at Wal-Mart has made me develop a hate for the general populace.


you're a total ***. you're supposed to show them the ad because any cheap person like you can go in the store and say "oh Target had this cheaper" I personally think stores should stop the whole price guarantee.

that's what makes stores special, having their own price. I can't believe you got your whole transaction voided, probably made some food spoil all over some broccoli. what were you gonna save?

a few nickels? you're just a selfish jacka$$


If they wouldn't price match the items, then why not go to were items are cheeper. Are you ******* ***. Most customers are.


You Seriously need to grow up!


Hey boneheads you do know that you and the OP could be talking about somebody different right, and besides if your are to "mean" or pose a threat or danger to the cashier they will escort your *** out of there with a trespassing warrant so go luck with that and besides all over bagging groceries are you ***?


I suggest you just stay home. Not see the ad???

Are you on crack?maybe I should go in there and tell them Target has a 60 inch Tv for $50.00. THE PUBLIC CAN DRIVE YOU NUTS. Broke down people should not leave the house.

Get a job. You probably spend all your money on smoking and drinking so you have to crunch for food

This is what I see happening with uneducated people with no sense.


just another wonderful shopper tryin to get something for nothin :zzz


i left walmart recently because the clerk didn't speak english. should be a requirement for any business in this country.


WalMart requires customers to present the ad to the customers when price matching, as there are limitations. But if it bothers you so much why didn't you find a member of management?


Are you nuts??? Take your word for it??

If every cashier took the customer's word for it, the company would be ripped off!! Can you imagine someone taking a TV up to the cashier and claim that another company was giving 50% off?

Wow, and the cashier shouldn't ask for the ad. Go figure.


I just tried to buying 52 inch led tv. I told them best buy has one for one dollar.

Didn't work they wanted to see the ad. Dam was worth a try....


Price matching is *** ***!!! And to any shopper that gets this pissed over a cashier not price matching: GO BUY IT AT THE STORE WHERE IT'S CHEAPER!!!

Is this really something worth having a stroke about? GET A LIFE!!


The policy clearly states:

"Items purchased MUST be identical to the ad (size, quantity, brand, flavor, color, etc.)"

due to the inclusion of the word "must" there is no choice in the matter

I will concede that it also includes:

"We do not require customers to have the ad with them to honor a competitor's ad."

However this does not mean that the cashier hasn't already seen the ad themselves and knew the item was wrong or if you shopped there for years then the cashier may have recognized you and knew you carried the ad's with you just to double check the price.

"Ads when the actual price for items cannot be determined."

Also taken from the Walmart website.




any time a produce worker puts their hand on something to make it another way of presentation for customers such as"gourmet", the cost is higher for doing the work for the consumer. Same as in the meat market, thin cut chops,etc.


First of all, had you been my customer you wouldn't have been my favorite, making me void everything off the order over one bunch of broccoli. Whatever.

You said the cashier wasn't suppose to see the ad you were wanting to price match? I'm not sure where you get your information, but company policy says that a customer is suppose to provide a store ad if you are price matching something.

And if you don't have the right item to price match, them they can't price match it! If what you are saying is true, then maybe I could get an X-Box 360 price matched to the price at a pawn shop!


I personally find this entire thing rather ridiculous. You're complaining because you were trying to get the wrong type of broccoli at a different price and the cashier caught you.

Plain and simple. Whether the cashier has the right to ask for the ad or you are required to show it is irrelevant because you were the one in the wrong, in this instance.

And by all means, feel free to make idle threats against me that you have no means to carry out.

Also feel free to call me a child, if you makes you feel better. Anyone with any common sense can see that you are the one in the wrong and, when physically and verbally assaulting someone doesn't get you your way, you have to resort to petty name-calling and stomping about like a spoilt child.