I have been price matching for years at Walmart. When my wife and I were ready to check out, 99% of our order was price matches. We

decided to go through one of the expresses due to it being faster. The cashier didn't seem to have that much trouble with the price

matches until we came to the broccholi. The ad stated something along the lines of 3lbs. of broccholi for a certain price. The cashier

had a hard time understanding what we were saying, so she asked to see the ad. My wife said that she wasn't suppost to ask for the ad.

She said she only wanted to see it so she can understand the ad better. I reluctantly gave her the ad. After about a minute the

cashier tells us we can not use the ad. I (at this point very upset) demanded to know why. She claims that we didn't have the right

kind of broccholi. We had heads of broccholi, not the broccholi bunches that the ad wanted. I told her that it didn't matter since she

wasn't suppost to see the ad anyways. Therefore her finding was not valid. The cashier still wouldn't budge on her decision. I then

told the cashier that I was going to report her to management. She still wouldn't budge. I told her I didn't want any of the items and

to void the whole transaction. I wasn't going to spend any of my hard earned money at a place that doesn't follow their own policies

for a valid ad.

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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my walmart always price match.. guess my walmart has brains


Who the *** said anything about race? What an *** you are. Different store chains have different polices. This is on Walmarts website where it clearly states:

Items purchased must be identical to the ad (size, quantity, brand, flavor, color, etc.)

That means Broccoli heads to Broccoli heads. And yes there is a difference in price or you wouldn't be trying to get the preferred broccoli heads for the broccoli bunch price.

And yes while it isn't required to have the ad I found that 99 percent of my customers had it with them. Those who didn't were usually lying out their *** about sizes, prices, etc. Judging by your supposed righteous indignation I'd say you fall under the last category....Liar.


But if he said it in front of the cashier that is proof of Verbally intimidation or Communicating Threats as mention by Lj..Not that the wife would call the police on him because it would be hard to prove..


You could be arrested for Verbal intimidation or Communicating Threats granted they do not usually arrested for verbal threats but it could happen at the very least they could give u a notice to appear in court... Its a silly thing to start threatening someone over an ad that u wanted price matched.. But I tell u its because of people like u that Wal Mart and other stores are changing their policies about price matching..


The Cashier is only allowed to price match the EXACT item not and she IS allowed to see the ad. Not showing her the ad tells me you were trying to get something matched that wasn't the exact item.

Broccoli heads are not the same as broccoli bunches. Bet you tried to get swindle a deal on meats as well, like pork center cut instead of regular chops or chicken *** instead of whole chicken. I've seen it many times. Customers would grab the 20 oz when the ad clear said it was for the 10 oz and then argue with me.

I love the customers with the expired ads as well as the ads from other states. Really, you want me to price match something that's sold in a store 2 states away. Give me a break.

I'm all for people trying to save a buck, *** we all are, but people who abused price matching were the people who really pissed me off.

To me it was akin to shoplifting.


You and your wife are two idiots


I am a Walmart cashier and we are aloud to ask for the ad if the price seems outrageous. I once had a lady who came through my line and said a 6 dollar toothpaste was going to be 99 cents.

Sorry no.

A lot of cashiers look through ads themselves from grocery stores. The ad policy might be changed because of dishonest people.


LOL! I'm so glad I found this website today!

It never seems to amaze me how petty and cheap people are. Why are so many people lacking common sense and are willing to complain over the smallest things.

You seriously were so mad over something so cheap and it bothered you so much (even though many people believe you to be in the wrong) that you have to write it out on a website after your shopping trip?!

I'm guessing your complaint is fake ...probably for attention because I seriously can't believe there are people like you...it's just way to funny!


What's more, one must wonder WHY exactly you brought the ad with you into the store and to the register if you had no intentions of using it as evidence for your price match.


1) You were probably one of those @sses who uses the express lane even though you have 70 items.

2) Does your wife chase you with a rolling pin around the house?


I cannot stand people like you. Even putting a finger on a woman is.wrong.

you make us males look bad. Id whoop your *** you little ***


What a lil *** woahhhhhhhh


It's not the same product. therefore there is no price match to be made.


99% of your order are price matches??? I bet the cashiers are real thrilled to see you at check out.

If you have been doing this for years then you know the policies all too well regarding price matches. Once you realize how much money you save at Wal-Mart, you will be shopping back there by the end of the week.


your an ***!! Walmart does have the right to ask to see the ad, or else they can get ripped off. And if the product is'nt exactly the same as the ad states, they have the right to refuse the ad!

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