Clarksville, Tennessee
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On Wednesday June 4th 2014 17:05, I attempted to get three photos printed (Order #17101) through the kiosk at the Wal-Mart (#00673) located in Clarksville, TN. When I attempted to retrieve the photos, I was approached by Kardero stating that they were not going to release the photos to me because they were too risky & racy. I then stated, I didn't understand. Kardero stated his manager stated the photos were too racy and wouldn't release the photos to me. I then stated I didn't understand as it was a picture of my wife in just a bikini. He, being unsure himself, walked me over to the photo booth to speak with Misty. Misty, at first stated the reason they wouldn't release the photos was because they were copyrighted. I, then stated, that is no issue as I have a signed photographer's release. Misty then stated even if that is the case, her manager (Mary) has made a determination that the pictures were too racy/risqué for them to print. I then stated, 'how are the pictures racy when it is just my wife in a bikini and a corset with a bottom and leggings, and she is more than covered in her intimate areas. There are also numerous photos with people in bikinis lounging on the beach all the time that you guys print.' Misty then retracted her original statement and said that she probably could let me have the bikini picture, but the one of my wife in the corset, with leggings she would not let me have, due to policy. I stated if she could show me the policy that states she isn't allowed to print the pictures. She then pulled out a policy that stated something to the effect of 'if the person could be arrested for (in most countries)' I then stated there are numerous people who walk up and down the street in a bikini who don't get arrest. And the picture of her in a corset is actually more clothing, than her in a bikini. So, how would she get arrested for what she has on in the picture? Misty constantly repeated herself stating you 'would have to ask a cop.' After XXX constantly saying you 'would have to ask a cop.'(Kardero is a witness to this entire conversation), I went to the front of the store to attempt to speak to someone higher than Mary. I explained the situation to whomever approached, and let them know I would want to speak to someone else to assist with the determination before I went 'up the corporate ladder. After the young lady spoke to the same people in the photography area, she stated they aren't going to me the photos and I should 'go up the corporate ladder.'

Being a valued Wal-Mart customer, including having a Wal-Mart credit card, I understand there is policy and that policy needs to be followed.

Yet, unfortunately given the circumstances, I don't believe that the policy applied to me during these circumstances. I would like it remedied so this issue doesn't happen in the near future.

Keep in mind, these photos couldn't have been deemed too 'racy,' as the local Wal-Greens located on Wilma Rudolph Blvd. had no problem printing out the photos.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

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You sound just like the lady that came in my store and swore up and down that the bruised, naked pics of her little girl weren't abusive. Guess what, she argued with us and the police were happy to come get her.


Not only that but where I live she could have been charged with child ***.


How dare you take your filth into this decent store and force these people to bear witness to the perversion that you and your wife take part in! What you need to do is head over to the Bible section and grab and handful and read it over and over and over and over and over until the power of God makes you and your wife fully understand that you are meant to cover your sinful flesh. Be ashamed!

ps....hit up my email with some corset pics.

@Uh huh

They don't sell bibles there, it is not a Christian store.