Enterprise, Alabama

In July 2013, I purchased the Straight Talk home phone box and the $15 calling card from Walmart in Enterprise, AL. I waited until September to activate the service, because I was applying for jobs and didn't want to interrupt my phone service. I tried the service for a day and realized that it did not work in my area. I returned the box to Walmart. I paid $99 plus tax for the phone and $15 plus tax for the calling card. I had my receipt and the packaging that the box came in. However, Walmart refused the return. On the day that I returned the box, the clerk told me that I had 15 days from date of purchase to return the box. I informed the clerk that firstly, I had just gotten the box activated the day prior to the day that I returned it, and secondly, I wasn't informed of the 15-day return policy. I looked at the receipt to see if it were indicated on the receipt, of which it was not, and when I made the purchase, the clerk did not take the time to verbally inform me of the policy.

When I informed the clerk that I was not informed, she then showed me the note. The note was taped on the checkout desk, typed on a sheet of 8x10 typing paper. It was placed in the area where customers place their purchased items. I explained to the clerk, that as a customer, when I make a purchase, I don't look around the store nor snoop the counter to see what's on it, especially small notes. I place my items on the counter, search my purchase for my method of payment, make the payment, accepts my bag(s), and walk out. Nobody would see the note, because it's covered by whatever you place on the counter. As I explained to the clerk and to the manager, the note was not in a place of visibility, it was not large enough for anyone to take notice of it; therefore, the clerk should explain the policy verbally and it should be written on the purchase receipt, as Dillard's does with items that are marked down.

The Walmart manager told me that he would call Straight Talk and if Straight Talk would refund Walmart, then he would refund me. I returned a few days later, and he said Straight Talk would not refund Walmart. So, I called Straight Talk to see if they would refund me, and they refused to. Straight Talk agreed to give me credit toward the purchase of another plan with them, i.e, a cell phone plan. I had just purchased one plan with them that didn't work for me and I wasn't willing to risk purchasing another one of their products. It didn't make sense. If I had purchased a cell phone and paid $50 for a calling card and that plan failed to work for me, I would have been out of an additional $50 totaling over a $165 loss.

Walmart or Straight Talk should take back the box and refund me. The calling card, I threw it in the trash, so that loss I will have to absorb. It is Walmart's negligence for not informing me of its return policy. It's Straight Talk's negligence for not having it written in its contract with Walmart that they will inform the customers of its return policy. Personally, I think it's a money making trap for Walmart and the companies selling airtime. They've entered into selling products that they don't even have trained personnel selling the products. It's the same with digital cameras. The clerks selling them know nothing about them. I purchased and returned 3 cameras and Sandisks, because the clerk didn't know any more about the product than I did. I had a customer who tried to help me to choose and that was a debacle too.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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F.uck Walmart! Don't buy s.hit from these a.ssholes!


First you say that you don't look around the store for notes, then you say that the signs aren't big enough. So which one is it?

When you're signing important documents, are you saying that you don't know what you're signing for because you simply don't want to read it?

You didn't have to throw that away, you know. You could have sold that to somebody else.


I laughed the entire time I read this.


You even admit that the policy was posted. It is your own fault that you didn't pay attention to it.

Maybe next time you should take the initiative to ask about the return policy if you don't plan to use the item right away. Of course the clerk isn't going to sit you down and explain their policies to you, that's why they're posted in plain sight. Also, the service plan cards are not refundable at all, no matter how recently they were purchased.

That is written right on the back of the card...in plain site, so don't expect them to verbally inform you of that either. For future reference all of the return policies are posted at the service desk in huge letters where everyone can see them.


It isn't a store's responsibility to sit you down and explain every detail of their return policy. 15 days for electronics is the industry standard.

You were rightfully denied a return. Case dismissed.