North Fort Myers, Florida

I went to the Walmart in North Fort Myers and searched their 5 dollar DVD bin. I found the movie "Hostel" and wanted to purchase it.

I took it to the cashier, and the register read they could not sell me the movie. Why have a bunch of one movie in the bin and then tell your customers that you cannot sell it to them? It makes no sense to me. And try to speak to a manager and all you get are ***.

Poor customer service.

I should have least had an apology from them for not being able to purchase the movie. Come on, I purchased the movie "Saw" from there and it is just as disturbing as the other.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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What this person if "forgetting" to say is he did not have ID on him. They have every right to ask for ID.

It is NOT poor customer service, but the law. No wonder people think you are under 18, you have your facts wrong, and mistake them following the law for bad customer service. We can try to purchase the movie like you did as you suggested, but if we look under 18(and act under 18 in your case) they won't sell without ID, if we have ID to verify we are over 18 there should be no problem.

You may be over 18 but that does not mean that you have a lot of growing up to do. And Triplet Walmart does not sell p()rn, but good advice anyway :D

First B

I gave this advice to another review with the same problem, why not get your *** off the internet like the rest of us who are underaged.


So you're saying that they just refused to sell you a DVD?

I believe you are an underage customer trying to purchase a movie that you are not old enough to purchase. My instincts tell me that you are leaving that out.

Your story says that they just refused to sell it and they gave you no reason. It doesn't make sense.

If it doesn't make sense, it probably isn't true.

@Judge Judy

For your information, I am not underage. It is the fact that the store has terrible customer service.

I cannot believe that we have ignorant people. The problem is that the register said that it could not be sold in the store.

I guess some people should have tried to purchase it themselves before assuming things.


Most likely it was not theirs to sell, perhaps it was left behind by a customer, I am sure customers leave lots of things behind, school books, Dvd`s and groceries. My son left his Pokémon cards behind and they replaced them after viewing security tapes and saw he brought them in the store and they eventually gave them back.

Don`t present yourself as a child if you don`t want to be mistaken for one. Demanding an apology makes people think you are a child.


Walmart is notorious for this policy. But really, there is no need to buy dvd's anymore. Go online instead.


Underage brat upset he can't buy R rated movies. In other news, water still wet, sun still on fire.


The law is the law. I have no doubt you're underage.


Well it is an ``R`rated movie, maybe they did not sell it to you because they though you were a child based on your childish behavior.


What did you think a manager was going to do


I don't think you're telling the whole story.

Why would they refuse to let you purchase it? Are you underage?

That's what I suspect. They might have a policy of showing ID in order to purchase movies with a certain rating, and if you're underage, that explains this complaint.