Converse, Texas

i took my pickup to walmart store in west monroe, buy goodyear wrangler tire sizew 235/75/15 at 9:30 and at 11:45 they hadn't put tirs on my truck. I ask why they hadn't put tires on my truck.

the answer was my truck oreginal size was 225/70/15. now walmart say they will not put a tire of lesser load weight.

these tires have a higher load weight, why was I sold these tires? also why wasn't I told this before I waited over 2 hours beforeI was told they couldn't sell me the tires?

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They did the same thing for me also.I had a big arguement but I was business like arguement, but the asst magma was very rude and the tire people,put one, side wrong size, the other an old cracked tire, and the manager of the store told me to apologize. To everyone,aint that something.


Walmart id only allowed to mount tires called for by the manufacturers recommendations. My guess is that they paged for you multiple times overhead or maybe even tried to call you if you provided the correct phone # so that they could have explained that to you. Most Walmarts provide quality work with the same tires everyone else installs(just different names).


Because you were dumb enough to go to Walmart to get tires genius. Walmart aint the place to get tires.

Sure the price is right, but you are dealing with retards. I suggest you get a better job, or get your mommy and daddy to help buy your tires.