We have been a loyal weekly customer at Target until today. We went to Target today to buy a baby swing.

List price was $164.99 and I saw it online for $148.99. I clicked "Find in Store" and showed it available at the store we shop at weekly. We told the cashier about the online price and she said we can not match the online price. So we asked for the manager and got the same response.

(This is the best part) Well, could we buy online and do a in store pick up and she said "THIS IS NOT WALMART". With the great customer service and the kind referral to the Walmart we immediately looked online (while standing in Target) and found the exact baby swing at Walmart where the kind manager at Target referred us to. (Even better) It was online for $119. We went across the street to Walmart and the store had no problem selling it to us for the online price.

I have to thank the kind staff at Target for not selling me the baby swing and NOT taking the EXTRA $30 I was willing to pay. So sad that you lose a loyal customer for not honoring your online price.

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Pembroke Pines, FL Anonymous:

Yours is the first Target complaint that I've ever read that had a happy ending!!!

:grin :grin :) :grin :grin ;) 8)

walmarts policy is never to match their online price, so more than likely that manager will be reprimanded because of that incident.

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