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When my mom was at checkout for two pastry boxes, her credit card was pending too long for approval. I noticed the cashier was silently passing or scanning an old man's products behind us. He was the third person in line behind my mom. After the cashier gave the receipt to my mom, I found a much higher total on it instead of what my mom just wanted to buy.

I stepped back to the cashier in seconds to claim the refund to the card, because there was an overpayment by mistake or maybe she was stealing my mom's credit card money. Thanks God, the strange old man was still there with his products which my mom paid without knowing.

The cashier said she was sorry for her mistake. Then she, I, my mom and the old man went quickly to Customer Service to solve this error.

The cashier asked him to pay his, and my mom's money was reimbursed to her credit card. I expect no over balance or higher interest in her card now.

At that moment I didn't think to report the cashier's suspicious mistake to the store manager because she was nervous but fast to help us.

Date and time this incident happened: 07/01/10 18:40:41

3791 NW 167th St

Miami Gardens, FL 33055

Maybe you guys recognize that cashier if you want to avoid their mistakes or frauds by using self checkout machines instead.

Be careful with that kind of cashier.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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To: Anonymous 1 Day AgoClearly, this is an site for customers too talk about their experiences. Duh.

It's not that hard too comprehend. Maybe you stop and think about that before commenting.


Walmart Does Not read this website.So what do you hope to accomplish by posting on this website?