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Went to look for a 29' bike, no sales people to be had of course. Finally found one but she knew nothing about bikes, I asked if I could buy now and pick up in couple days as car was full-no they won't do that so I drive home, unload car drive back and pick out bike in the size and price I want.

Wait at register ages as they have about 3 open only to be told that will be $199 not $99 like display it was on said. She calls someone who 20 minutes later tells me it was in wrong place and $199 is the deal. Tell him I didn't want a $200 bike I wanted a $100 bike. Sorry he says without much conviction.

I tell him all in all I have wasted 1.5 hours of my day there and am not happy.

Again another half-hearted sorry ensues. I hate WALMART service and will not give them another penny of my money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Deal.

Monetary Loss: $75.

  • terrible walmart service
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Findlay, Ohio, United States #832268

The time wasted going home and unloading was your own fault. Walmart is a store, not a storage facility.

Did you really expect them to hold it for days? Next time your planning to buy a bulky item, make sure you can take it home.


You wanted to buy 29' (foot) bike for $100.00? Lol

to Anonymous #832388

I have to agree, and I wonder if was really put in the wrong place or if this person was mistaken again, after all if they don't know the difference between inch why should I believe them. Maybe they were mistaken about the price as well.

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