As a consumer I have never been treated as poorly as today by your company. I am going to clearly explain the circumstances and expect to be made whole within a few days. This is unacceptable on countless levels. Here are the details;

Last night I decided to look on your website and found a great deal on a 4G TV. I decided to open up a Walmart credit card and purchase it. I chose the Tarpon Springs, Fl store as a pick up site. I received a text that it arrived on my cell phone. I planned to swing by the store on my lunch hour. I am a sales executive for a fortune 1000 company. I am the type of customer you should want more of.

I went to the store and picked up the tv from Walmart associate Larry, I loaded it in my car and went home. I unpackaged it to place on the stand and then planned to head to my next account. I was horrified to find a used Emerson tv in the place of what I had hoped was my new LG 55 4G. Not only was it used, but dust on the back and stains on the front.

In a panic I immediately called the Tarpon Springs, Fl (store #33374) and asked for a manager. I spoke with Aryan and explained to him the situation. I immediately repacked it, carried it back down the stairs by myself and brought it back to the store. I asked the CS girl to get Aryan. I gave him the tv and thought that was that, he will apologize and get me what I had purchased. He went to the computer for a couple of moments, came back and said that he didn't think it could have happened and the tv had to be right when I left the store. That immediately insinuates that I am a thief and lying. That is completely unacceptable. I then asked for the store manager. She conferred quickly with Aryan came over to me, gave me about 20 seconds, was bored, looked at her smart watch and said, "I'm sorry but I support Aryan". Then I have to say as a very professional person I lost my cool. This is surreal.

This was supposed to be a gift to myself that I had really wanted. I do not care how it happened, why it happened, what procedures are in place, somewhere you were failed in this process. As a sales professional I can tell you that both of these people have no business in front of customers. They have horrible communication skills.

I then asked for Walmart Corporate's phone number. I called and immediately asked for a manager. I talked with Brittany ID#1252681. Brittany was completely professional and explained to me she would move this forward. I would like to thank her for the way she handled the call.

I want to make my expectations VERY clear. I want what I paid for and to be made whole. I want an apology from Walmart regarding this entire episode. I would like this completed in short order, as not only do I feel wronged, but completely disrespected as a consumer and as a person. I have attached pictures of the managers, as well as the little paperwork that I have. Now that I have wasted a few hours I need to get back to what I do and satisfy my customers. I think you need to do a better job of doing the same. There is no way the credit card payment is being made without receiving any merchandise.

Thank you for you prompt attention to this matter!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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