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Shopping in Walmart and decided to buy a new tv for the house we were moving to. I got a 55 inch and went down the aisle in middle of store and saw a 58 inch for $30 more.

So store employee switched the tvs out for me in the cart. I walked around about 45 more minutes shopping for household items then went to check out. The self check out was open with a cashier standing at register to help customers in that area. i go to the check out one over from him and rang up all my items.

then i called him over to remove an item i had 2 of and he did. He helped me and didnt tell me there was a security ribbon that had to be removed from tv. It was just a black thin strap on box that i didnt realize was a security device. I paid with my debit card which was over $400 and me and my 10 year old left the store.

The alarm buzzed on our way out but there were 2 customers directly behind me going through as it went off so i thought it was them. We paused and looked and noone came to see. I get across the parking lot from the other side of the store approaching my car when a police officer came behind and asked did i pay for the tv i had. I was startled and scared because he came from behind but i said yes of course i did.

I then pulled out my receipt to show him and it was clearly marked tv 58 inch with price and he said he didnt see it. What was i planning on doing with the tv with the security tape or strap on it? Why didnt i take it off? How did i pay and crazy irrelevant questions.

Then he said i had to come back inside with him. I asked for my receipt 5 times and he would not give it to me making me and my daughter follow him back in store while ppl screamed shes going to jail, she got caught stealing, and i asked him did he hear it and he said just ignore them. The whole entire store stopped everything and looked at us walking in to customer service with a tv and fully clothed officer through store. He made me stand there and the LPO came out too.

The officer handed my receipt to the cashier who just happened to be the same guy who put the tv in my cart for me. Told him to check my receipt to see if i paid for the tv. He scanned it and looked and said yes she did. Then only then did the cashier hand me my receipt back.

I asked for a manager and they said they didnt have one but called the assisitant manager which said nothing to me, and i began to ask why did they do this to me. The LPO said i was making a scene and warned me to go before he trespasses me. There was a cashier at customer service saying rude remarks as well. I told the LPO u have cameras why wouldnt u look to see if i paid.

He said we cant catch everybody. Then went to get officer that disappeared when i was cleared to trespass me. I told them i was leaving as soon as i get a refund because i didnt want anything.

My daughter was terrified and that was the most humiliating moment in my life. Noone apologized, offered discount, nothing.

User's recommendation: Make sure security tags are removed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Receipt Check Facility.

Monetary Loss: $99999.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Pros: Cheaper prices and wider range of products.

Walmart Cons: Poor management, Getting worse, Being lied to or the condescending attitude of the manager, Policies not followed, Not apologetic.

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