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At approximately 549 pm November 7 2018 my family and I were checking out at check self out. The cashiers were standing about 2 feet away from us.

Our items were split in half so that my husband may pay for one half and I could pay for the others. After bagging my items there was not enough room to put any more items like normal when one is at self checkout. In the middle of me making a payment to purchase the first half of my items the cashier standing beside us stopped us and ask if we were going to pay for the other items separately? I informed her that we were and asked her if she was trying to accuse us of attempting to steal when all the items are clearly visible for you to see and you are standing right next to us?

I contacted the manager and he stated that they were doing their job and he would speak to her. Their was no apologies given. I felt as if I was being racially profiled and insulted in front of my children.

I buy thousands of dollars worth of products a month from this company. I class should be given to employee on how to prevent theft not accuse innocent shoppers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Cons: Being accused of attempting to steal.

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I think that they pretty much treat everyone that way, regardless of race.


I don't know which country you came from, but if you are going to keep accusing people of racism you need to go back to where you came from. The cashier is just doing her job as stated.

She was simply asking if you were going to make separate payments. You don't seem to understand English anyway. Nowhere did the cashier indicate that you she thought you were going to steal.

You must think very lowly of your own race to ASSume this. The true racist is you who goes playing the race card without proof.