Green Bay, Wisconsin

Hi I'm a college student studying biology in college, i wasn't very busy so i decided to get a job at walmart. After three months I gave a one week notice that i was quiting.On my last day, i was pulled into the office and accused of stealing.

I'm a college student, I'm also a student athlete, i have no record. Apparently i stole 140.00 dollars, that's right, a measly one hundred and forty dollars.Now keep in mind I'm in college i have a 3.5 and i live with my parents, rent free. all the money i had made, i either saved or blew on what ever i wanted, i kept receipts for everything i bought. Here's the thing, it took a whole week for them to come pull me into the office and accuse me of this, also they waited till my last day,and after i had already been at the store for four hours.

Its truly ridiculous, One hundred and forty dollars..... smh

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