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My wife and I and are 3 kids 8,4 and 2. We were checking out my eight year old son.

Who is autistic was helping his mother check out well I was chasing the two younger ones around they apparently forgot to scan a pair of socks. I just spent $200 on coats and clothes and other stuff. We get to the exit 2 unmarked man stop us one tells me they are security the other starts going through the bags in the cart. Grabs the sock asks for the receipt and says yeah they are not on here.

We got you on tape just putting them in the bag. My wife has to go with them well I take the kids to the car. They don't treat her very nice. They wouldn't let her see the video tape when she asks.

Said it was company policy.

We had the money to pay for them told her no they are evidence. Treated her like we tried to steal a $8.00 pack of socks!!!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I hope you get an attorney. Walmart is doing this at all of their stores all over America!

They take you back decide exactly what it is that you didn’t pay for, then they proceed to tell you that you can’t pay for it but they will reported to corporate and corporate will be in touch with you. When corporate calls you it’s explained that they are filing a civil suit against you for a minimal amount that you didn’t pay for it it’s going to end up costing you thousands. They will thenWork out a payment plan with you and if you don’t they will see criminal charges. It’s bullying and it’s ***!

Walmart is losing tons of money to companies like Amazon and they have to make it up somewhere. You’re not alone this is happening too many people and I can promise you I see a class-action lawsuit against Walmart in the very near future because what they’re doing is not legal!!


The fact that you mention your son is autistic - which has nothing to do with the story - tells me your complaint is bogus. Attention seeking. Get over yourself, pay attention when checking out - case closed.


Your children running around with unpaid merchandise is not the company's problem, it's yours. Regardless of age or disability, you as the parent are responsible for your children and how they act.

Merchandise not paid for, and you leaving the store with the item equals stealing.

Paid for the stuff your kids have, better yet your kids shouldn't have any merchandise to begin with. Lesson learned.

Nobody ever wants to take responsibility anymore.

to aliens_amoung_us #1400499

I will pray for you. You're a judgemental ***..

to Anonymous #1400687

So exactly what should Target security have done, Anonymous?

to Anonymous #1400689

So exactly what should Walmart security have done, Anonymous?

to Anonymous #1400989

I will pray for your children who have such an incompetent parent.

to Anonymous #1401207

And I'll pray for you also, for you are an idiot for raising kids with no manners, just like your parents raised you.

to Anonymous #1406613

Anonymous Dec 5th, you're one of those people that do not understand that it is not the company's policy too watch children. maybe you should go get educated instead of complaining.

to aliens_amoung_us #1400850

I remember a long long time ago taking a pack of Good n' Plenty from the Dart store when I was 7. We got home my mother found it and took me back to apologize to the manager for stealing. I've never stolen since.

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