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They are saying only only toys and electronics on layaway this year...what if I don't need these things? I need towels, shower curtain and silverware...they told me I could not put it on layaway.

Needless to say dilwad behind counter got my cart emptied on his counter and I told him to put it all away. I am going to K-Mart...not many left but I bet they will let me other places to shop!e put my stuff on layaway.

And I will post it on every site I can to stay away from there. DONE WITH WALMART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reason of review: lay away.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Lay away rules.

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I have to tell you something kiddo, this is going to make you upset, but Santa is not real. The reason that toys and electronics are put on layaway is so that your parents can wrap up the gifts on Christmas eve when you are in bed and pretend that Santa delivered them.

If by any chance you are an adult(which I doubt with your behavior) you are being selfish, the layaway is for gifts like toys and games for children. GROW up and learn the world does not revolve round you.


Needless to say dilwad behind counter got my cart emptied on his counter and I told him to put it all away.

And you all wonder why "dilwad" has "poor customer service skills".

In fact, "dilwad" was so very, very, happy at the treatment you just handed him that he'll take your valued demonstration of decency and apply it to every customer that comes his way, forever more.

Good job bonehead.

For the record, corporate set the rules. "dilwad" had absolutely no say in the matter, none, zip, zero.

You don't like the rules, well posted and widely advertised rules, and "dilwad" gets to have a better day.


Remember this person is six years old and has no idea of why companies make rules, don't be hard on her, blame her parents for not shopping with her and teaching her that the world does not revolve around her.


Can u put a vibrator on layaway? Its a toy and electronic.


as the other commenter asked, were you living under a rock? they basically did away with lay-a-way for most products and brought it back on a limited basis for toys, electronics that people would get for holiday gift purchases.

and no offense but if you couldn't afford some towels a shower curtain and silverware outright at a walmart of all places you should be putting your money into better things.

lastly what was the point in calling the person working the counter a dilwad?

I mean who the *** even uses that word anymore?

just because they're doing the job that they were hired to do does not give you the right to insult them like that.

if I had been the employee I would have responded to your little tantrum with a sincere, thank you anyways, do you know where there is one nearby? or do you need help looking it up online?

kill em with kindness because it tends to pi$$ people like you off more often then not.


Six year old kids such as the OP often result to name calling when things don`t go their way.


Have you been living under a rock for many, many years. WalMart completely quit doing lay-away of any type many years ago, then a few years ago they started doing Christmas lay_aways, for toys, electronics, etc.

that people would be apt to be needing for gifts. Ever since they started doing lay-away for Christmas there has been limitations on the items that can be put on lay-away. Like I said you must have been living under a rock for several years, being you claim not to know that.

You were down right rude if you dumped your items on the counter to be put away. You sound like a spoiled brat, and I hope you are proud of yourself.


Leave her alone, she is just six years old. She has no idea that parents put their children`s toys on layaway so that they can pick them up just before Christmas when their children are sleeping so the child believes Santa brought the gifts. The OP is only six years old and thinks Santa gives her gifts not her parents so why have layaway if the gifts are made from Santa`s workhshop and not bought by parents.