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You are hearing this from the mouth of a Walmart VP. The customer is under NO obligation to load their own carts at checkout.

It is a courtesy to the customers whom we exist to serve. You are the one who is taking their items and ringing them up and you are responsible to make sure the customer gets back everything they paid for. People have many choices for their shopping needs these days and it is of the upmost importance that they continue to chose Walmart.

It is also of the upmost importance that we provide each and every customer with world class customer service. Exceeding customer's expectations is the job of EVERY associate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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So I was at Walmart Saturday and I placed my generic grocery bags on the belt and the cashier said that since they were not Walmart bags I had to bag my own groceries!! I said ok this is a Walmart cart so hop over here and take the stuff I want to buy out of "your" cart... she just stared at me


The Walmart in Chicago on Cermak just west of Western. The cashier told me today she does not put groceries in my bags. I was stunned.


Customer service at Walmart is a thing of the past....I am glad I grew up in a world where you appreciated having a job and did 150% to keep it!!! The customer is always right is just a phrase, but it meant you would do almost anything to keep your customers happy.


If you are old enough to shop alone, you are old enough to double check and make sure you got everything you purchased. If you are unable to do this take mommy shopping with you.


Not only should customers bag their own items, if possible, but they should also load them back into their cart. Store owners have cut bagger positions so they can put more money into their packets.

So, if you're pissed off that you have to load your own groceries back into the cart, then take it up with the store owner, not the cashier. The cashier's job is the scan your items and accept your payment.


Oh and another anonymous Walmart employee so if you were that smart why are you working at Walmart


What do u mean if that person was smart why would they be working at walmart . Are u serious??

Some of the employees have higher education than just a cashier but to me the only dumb person is u putting this dumb reply on a post about Walmart get a life and stop being an entitled little *** . Bag your own *** and go home . End of discussion.

And no I’m not an employee at Walmart . Ive seen how they get treated and i hope ur child or ur mother or father or anyone u love gets treated the same way see if ull like it dumb entitlement i swear .


I just came from the Walmart in Warwick RI (bald hill rd) and witnessed a cashier blatently and rudely REFUSE to place an old man's bags into his cart...when he asked her, she stated that she was only required to bag the items NOT place them into his cart. She then rang my items up and I had to load up my own cart after I spent almost $200....

Yeah... Walmart really shows their appreciation for their customers when their staff refuses to offer a simple and (common to every store I've ever patroned) service like loading purchases into a cart.


Well anonymous this little 12 year old does not have mommy to load the bags for her so she expects others to do the job for her. Either they are 12 years old or very lazy. I think she is 12 though because she refuses to accept any responsibility for leaving the purchases behind.


I think she is eight, even 12 year old's are more mature than her.


This is A lie. I load the customers cart, but only it if they are old or disabled or taking too long to collect their bags and I have some behind them. Also I've shopped at different walmarts and I as the customIer always collect my own bags.


Get REAL! I have enough *** to put up with at the register- WITHOUT

Having to put the groceries in the cart. If you people were truly worried about courtesy,

You might put the *** cellphone down and help get your ***!

There isn't enough space on the bagging corral for two carts worth of food.

" Walmart cashiers need to work for their money?" How much do you think we get paid?

" I can spend my money some where else?" Yes, you can and you are welcomed to do so.

We are really going to miss your food stamps. Boo-hoo.


I'm impressed you put your name down as Anonymous what's the matter you afraid you'll get fired if they from Walmart because they know who you are and you're supposed to load the groceries ding ***


Wow ur really taking ur time to comment here and harass employees? Seriously? U have no life .


A courtesy. Exactly!!!

A courtesy is something that may or may not happen. It is not to be expected.

Walmart VP...Lmao!!! Vp's know nothing about the actual store and how it's run....yup, straight from the mouth of someone who actually WORKS there...not dresses up in a suit 3 times a week to tour the store and omplent some of the absolute DUMBEST policies I have ever seen!

Like pharmacy.

Who in their right mind mind schedules 1 pharmacist and 1 technician for 350+ scripts a day? A VP who's bonus will look better by not having a few more minimum wage techs on staff


So MR. VP. Let me tell you about the day I filled up an entire cart full of groceries and simply left it at the check out counter.

There were huge lines at the front of the store. Who knew?

Yet, only a couple cashiers were open. So we waited.

And then a group of about 3 Wally workers went walking past, laughing and conversing and completely unaware of the long lines.

That's when I left.

Now maybe these people were on break. Maybe they weren't trained in cash registers. Maybe they really were goof offs and were fired the next day. My point is this: what kind of company has a large workforce on staff but allows their to be long lines at the register while employees just stand around doing nothing?


You gave so many reasons why an employee would not be working. Your just a pissy clown get a life.

Priorities mister go to Walmart at a time that’s not busy. Or deal with the crowd like everyone else


Dear VP......you got bigger issues going on at your Walmarts than checkers bagging freaking groceries......how about getting more cashiers on the line when its peak hours? Or Managers responding to cashier calls....and not keeping customers waiting for ever......just some food for thought.....if you are in fact the VP


First of all, why would a VP who is representing Walmart not use his name? Anonymous?

Really?? Furthermore, the word would be Utmost or uppermost not upmost. Also a customer can "choose" to shop at walmart not chose. Plan your words carefully as people can see right through your charade.

It would seem to me that any VP would know what words to use in a sentence and also how to spell them.

You are not fooling anyone. I will also state once again that it is THE CUSTOMERS responsibilities to pick up their own bags and place them into their carts not the cashier!


I'm sorry, for some reason it did not register my name to the posting. I am Bernie Taylor and I can assure you that I am the real deal.