Clarksburg, West Virginia
Not resolved

You are a billion dollar company and at the top of forbes magazine every year, but you can't even keep your stores stocked with one of your own products. Sams choice water.

What's the problem. I have fought with the Oakland MD store over this item all summer. It's one of your best sellars and a sure sale to make a profit on if it was stocked in the stores for sale. This is ridiculas and unacceptable for a business your size.

I have spoken to the management of the Oakland Md store about this problem all summer but nothing has been done.

Here is the phone # of that store 1-301-334-8400. Maybe you can get this problem resolved.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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so get another kind of water unless you cannot afford them.


Obviously this *** is to lazy to get the water early and goes later on in the day. They can only provide so much water per store. Well soon you will be going back to school and you won't have this problem because you won't have much time to shop.


Wait you live in a country with one of the best fresh water systems on the planet and you buy water?

I got some beach front property in the Czech Republic you might be interested in.