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Sept 4, 2019. I returned home from purchasing $117.68 worth of items from Walmart to learn of your decision to no longer sell certain guns and ammunition that are used for self defense by law biding citizens.

Your decision has little effect in places like San Francisco, Chicago and/or New York city which already infringes on their law abiding citizens to protect their person and property but in the majority of the (flyover) country where law biding citizens know that meat does not come from the supermarket, Walmart was the only place close to buy 223 and 9mm ammo. We are required to purchase a license to hunt and fish because it is said to be a privilege but no license is required to own a gun & ammo as it is an individual right guaranteed by the constitution.

I do not advocate for boycotts or safe spaces (that’s a progressive thing) Walmart has a right to sell or not any items but as for me, Walmart (and by extension Sam"s Club) has seen my last purchase.

Garry Keffer

Reason of review: guns & ammo.

Preferred solution: sell banned guns & ammo.

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Do you even know what the 2nd amendment actually says?


I agree.


How can you even claim they have infringed on your 2nd amendment rights? They have done nothing that stops you from owning a gun.

You can buy your guns and ammo elsewhere. Are your grocery stores, drug stores, gas stations, Target, Best Buy etc.

also infringing on your rights because they don't sell firearms and ammo? The constitution may guarantee your rights to own a gun but it doesn't guarantee that anyone has to manufacture or sell them.


Infringe (VERB) Infringed (past tense) act so as to limit or undermine (something).


So how has Walmart limited or undermined anyones RIGHTS to own firearms? There is a difference between the rights to own and the ease of purchase.