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Has anyone seen the advertisement on the internet that says, "You have just won a $1000.00 Wal Mark gift card!" or 'YOu have just own a Mac Books Pro lap top!" These adds are everywhere! They say you have to fill out a short survey then meet the rest of the requirements" which happen to be filling out 13 sponser offers by either buying something from them or being accepted for a chredit card.

I see this every where and it is really *** me off!! It is attatched to almose every game site, Publishers Clearing House, most survey sites and 5 a day in my e-mail!! And they try everything too! I like this one, "You have just won a free $1000.00 gift card!

This is not a joke! Click here!" or this one, "You are the one millionth visiter to this site and you have won a blaa blaa blaa!!" What is up with this and how can we stop it? Has anyone really looked at this? You have to fill out a survey then meet the 13 sponser offers in the silver gold and platnum catigories.

It would cost MORE to do this than it would to just go spend $1000.00 at Wal Mart! I hate this so much I have been searching for ways to get it stoped for fraud but hey, its the internet and that is a big world. I would like to get a law passed that you can only use the word FREE if the thing is truely FREE. I am begining to hate the word FREE too!

Everything is FREE for a price! I would like to know if any one out there has ever completed the Wal Mart Card scam and I would like to know how that turned out for them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Advertisement.

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I just won a Walmart gift card and I'm happy


Pch is becoming a big waste of time,getting people's hopes up is a *** slap to the American people,that are playing this make believe head game!!! Y'all need to fix this *** !!!!...????


I agree. This add shows up like every time I am on the www.

I find it helpful if you hover over the go or whatever button and the web address shows up. It will show you junk in the address.


My name is Lisa Humphrey AMD I have 3 kinds in have more kinds that I have custom over and we need to win this very much


I won merry chrismast walmart card 1000 dollar.2016 its true..or fake somebody send me...walmart company..my gmail lamadeepesh680 its true..


I just got one in my email and when you go to click on it, it won't let you so I no this is a scam.


You don know that it is not Walmart that is sending these messages right Mellisa? Also you do know that you will have to pay your lawyer way more than the $10 you lost to get the $10 back.


To all the other victims of the $1000 Wal-Mart Gift Card FRAUD

Let`s stop this fraud together as a powerful team, instead of one single person that may feel powerless. We`ll sure show them who the real mobsters are

This Wal-Mart episode happened to me as well and I’ve devoted much of the last 24 hours of my life into seeking payback because of it. I’ve read many many stories; they change it up quite often so people won’t catch wind of it and not click the three answer survey. The actually used a popup with my very small towns name on it so I really thought it couldn’t be a scam, for the $1000 card, and all while I was applying for a job, a second job at that, as a “secret shopper at Wal-Mart.”

Man oh man, I’m beyond pissed. Sick and tired of this non-sense, I’m FED-UP with this ridiculous fraudulent world that is always trying to get “one up” on another person so they can gain just a little more and make you suffer that much more. . SICK! I would completely break my-self totally, just to see these people behind bars or pay back who and what they owe!!!

I’ve spoke to lawyers, and I’ve been emailing a ton of complaints. It’s not because of the money I lost ($10) that’s making me strong to fight this incident, It’s definitely not the $10 I lost that’s making me strong enough to devote hours upon hours of manual labour and work into this,

It’s the plain fact I’m fed up! Why make it easy for them and pay the 10 bucks? Complain, sue, and make them work harder then you. This needs to end! I’m considering canceling my cell and I love my cell but I’ll be fine, I’m done of being the little fish the big fish take another *** of. WHY? Because they can? NOT ME, NOT ANY MORE....

Let’s all figure out what can be done together as a whole and *** them back so bad they never recover

Let’s end their fun of getting rich off of us, or at least slow them down and fight back.

I’m not going to be walked all over, pushed around and then told what I owe to keep up their dirty fraudulent, immoral, illegal, dishonest, and unruly scams going. Just because they think we won’t think the 10 or 20 dollars is worth the fight.

HEY SCAMMERS, ***, WHAT EVER YOU GO BY, EITHER OR, its PURELY THE PRINCIPAL OF THE MATTER..... I would rather be out hundreds and be able to stop the violation that`s clearly happening, then pay 10 dollars to a bunch of nasty stealing thieves like yourselves.

Hopefully my emotions of pure anger, hate, disgust, outrage, and being FED-UP with all the non-sense this is causing will help and I hope if any of you victims out there are feeling similar to me, you won`t just let it go.




the original poster is a ***. it's called losers out there are trying to scam people that don't know what a virus is, especially people that don't know much about computers. it's not Walmart doing it, it's low life people doing it.


What is so about visiting p**n sites. If you have any links BTW to these sites post them.


Louis, how do you know these ads usually appear on p()rn sites? Maybe you have something you would like to share with us...

BTW, my friend just received this offer as a text message on his cell phone. It contained a website link which he did not open.


I am one of the dumb people who filled out a few of the offers and i still javent received a walmart atd.


Well Louis, I have not been to any *** sites if that is what you are wanting to know. It sounds like you, on the other hand, seem to know something about the subject.

This scam is all over the internet. I first came across it while shopping on Amazon. A window poped up saying that I was the "One Millionth Visitor" and that I had won an Apple IPAD, all I had to do was click on the button and follow the instructions for a Fed ex delivery. Well after that then came the sell, they told me I had to be approved for all these sponser offers before I could get the IPAD.

If I had satisfied the rules it would have cost me MORE than an IPAD in the end. Because I even clicked on tht *** add I get hundreds of e-mails and pop ups from the daily. It is almost impossible to get rid of and I think it should be a crime to bait People like they do. They tell you that you have just won an IPAD, then as soon as you have given then all your information then they tell you the real price and it is far from free.

It should be stopped, banned from the internet. I know that is impossible to ban then or for that matter even slow them down, but something has to be done. They should not be allowed to bait people like they do. I would love to have the word "FREE" removed from the internet entirely but thats not going to happen.

So what do you do?

It is a rotton scam and it needs to be stopped. Like "Penny Auctions" just a big fat scam!


This has been an ongoing scam, using various offers for gift cards from various companies, for quite some time. As long as there are people willing to attempt to get the supposedly "free" giftcards, there will be scams like this around.

Personally I just ignore them and, for the handful that occasionally pop up in my inbox, I click on the handy dandy 'this is spam' option in my email and it goes away so I don't have to deal with it again.

As for why so many people are pointing out that Walmart isn't to blame for this, I think it's because you posted this in the Walmart category on this site rather than another category where it is quite likely better suited.


10- That's why you work at WalMart, you can read. The submitter wasn't complaining about Walmart they were complaining about the use of the card as bait.


I was contacted by text an said I won a $1,000 dollar walmart gift card and I cant seem to get to the right person or people to tell me what to do next

Lady N

Well I guess that answers the "Louis" question from a few minutes ago on a totally different complaint. So for all of you who can not read, or choose to read only what you want.

I will say this one last time. The complaint is NOT ABOUT WAL MART!! The company who generates this scam only USES WAL MART GIFT CARDS! as a GIFT to the one who completes their survey.

Oh and by the way, you don't have to go to *** sites to get this advertisment Louis. It will show up any place even as a pop up. Not every one with a computer goes to the ***. There are still some of us with a few brain cells left on this planet.

So in the future READ the ENTIRE post before posting an answer that makes no sense. Thanks for the help.....


Yeah, I know from experience, ummm forget my first sentence that is what I heard.


How do you know this Louis? From experience.


These ads usually come on p()rn sites. Do you have something to share with us Lady Nightmare?