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In late April of 2015 two 16 year old girls, (my daughter and her supposedly best friend) both applied for a job at Walmart. They have friends working there who are older than them and they always shopped there with their other peers.

They were not only friends, but best friends. They made a promise to each other that if one girl got the job and the other did not that the other girl would decline the job. In other words they either both worked together or did none of them worked at all. Unfortunately this other girl was accepted for a position and my daughter was not.

This backstabber knowing that my daughter did not get the job still accepted the job after they both made a promise to not accept the job if both of them did not get the job. Because my daughter's "best friend" broke her promise this ruined their friendship and they are no longer friends. The worst is I asked the manager why my daughter did not get the job, and he told me that he is not required to give me that information. I told him that my daughter (16) is a still a minor and that I am the mother asking, and he still refused to give me information as to why my daughter did not get the job.

I think you should just know what kind of employee you hired. Someone who would turn her back on a friend and break a promise.

The girl's name is Martha Brooke and she is a very horrible girl. Just going into the store and seeing her best friend who stabbed her in the back and broke her promise upsets her.

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seems like a personal probelm not walamrt's lmao


Every employer would be smart to NOT hire two friends at the same time, no matter how big the store. Not much work done and too much playing and visiting. Invalid promise and thus no penalty for breaking that.


Are you seriously this petty and childish!? As a parent you should be happy for the other girl that she got a job then explain to your daughter that although you are sorry that she wasn't also hired,there are other opportunities and not to give up.

She's only 16 and your acting younger than she is! On top of that you are making things worse for everybody. Grow up!!! Don't post a minors name on any website you hateful pitiful excuse for a human!

You are continuously posting this same complaint. Get a life!!


Real mature puttung a minor's full name up on a public site. With a mother like you I think I know why your daughter didn't get the job and for that feel sorry for her! Back the *** off and let your daughter fight her own fights!