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Update by user Oct 12, 2015

Furthermore this is my second complaint to this company, The first complaint, your big chiefs marked as resolved, and it was not resolved. So don't do the same to this one okay, *** off.

Update by user Oct 12, 2015

Also she told me they said they suspected she stole four times and she said she only stole twice, they are lying because they know that a defenceless single mother cannot afford a lawyer.

Original review posted by user Oct 12, 2015

My sister who is a bit older than me , she is 25 was working in this store, yeah your Waltham, Massachusetts store. She is a single mother with two children and the father of the children is a nOOb, anyways.

I find it unfair that my sister whom I consider a best friend was fired from your store. She has two children to support. The reason she was fired was for shoplifting. She had only done this a few times, no more than four.

She was honest and said she stole before. They were more concerned about what she stole, (makeup, jewerly,) They said it would be understanable if it was food. She was honest with them, when asked if she did this before and they still fired her. She is a single parent trying to raise two children a four year old boy and 20 month old daughter, so naturally she was stealing, you guys pay mininun wage, and a single parent cannot afford two children.

The worst thing is other people are given many chances. For example, she told me that there is one person that comes late to their shift everyday, or almost everyday, he has come in late at least 11 times, and there is this employee with downs syndrome in the pokemon card department who cannot do her job. She speaks unclearly, and it is hard to understand her, and from my last trip it is clear she cannot perform her job properly, yet who gets fired, yeah right a single mother of two. The manager needs to be fired for playing favorites.

Why is the person who constantly comes in late, and the down syndrome lady who cannot do her job still hired yet my sister who only stole twice fired. injudstice.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Pros: Self check-outs.

Walmart Cons: How they treat their associates.

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Should should have been stealing condoms.




She's lucky she was only fired if id been manager she would have left in handcuffs






If you steal something from the store you work in, you should be fired. Even if you're "honest" and admit your wrongdoing.

There are lots of people who won't ever and have never stolen anything and that work hard. She's lucky she didn't get arrested.


I've heard that it's usually the guys with very short endowment who troll. I guess it must be true, unless it was a trolling post that was saying that.

Maybe after this guy gets laid he'll have something better to do with his time.


I am female, and you sound like you know about endowment alot. Maybe you are talking about your boyfriend or yourself? I am not trolling though.


You say your 25 year old sister has 2 children that she is the sole provider for, and worked for Walmart in Waltham MA until she was fired for shoplifting. You go on to mention *irrelevant things, such as referencing your sister as "whom I consider my best friend", saying she's older than you, saying "the father of the children is a nOOb, anyways.", and the ages and genders of the children.

* just in case this is a 'big word' for you, "irrelevant" in this case means having nothing to do with the subject at hand.

You go on to say:"so naturally she was stealing," No, stealing is not 'natural', it is a choice made in full knowledge of the consequences. There are Many including myself who made 'minimum wages' in retail that never stole from their company or anyone else's. I worked retail for 25 years in several companies in my hometown shopping mall, and other places as well. I was around money and items all the time and privy to places customers are not allowed to go to because they were not employees and I never till tapped (stole cash from the drawer), and never stole anything else either.

"you guys pay minimum wage," - so do most other retail businesses in the United States, the difference being if some don't make a certain amount per year, they can pay less than 'mininun wage' here you've either misspelled 'minimum' or are trying to recreate the idea that minimum wage is as good as none by spelling it 'mini-nun'.

If your 'sister' actually wanted to make more, she could get a managerial position. In retail, management always make more per hour and always get 40+ hours per week. But then again, as uh 'responsible' as she is for her own personal life with such a simple 'right and wrong' issue that has legal implications, that had such a negative effect on not only her, but her own children, she would surely not be a responsible manager.

You also state: "and a single parent cannot afford two children." Really? Then why did she have children then, and why doesn't she just put them up for adoption?

I mean really, if They (a four year old and a 20 month old) are to Blame for her self centered behaviour and privileged attitude, there are Plenty of people who would be very happy to 'take them off her hands'. What she stole was to ornament herself, not to help her children which if she needed help there are many organizations who understand and would indeed help her children with food or clothing. You go on to say giving vivid detail that only a person who worked there would see: "The worst thing is other people are given many chances. For example, she told me that there is one person that comes late to their shift everyday, or almost everyday, he has come in late at least 11 times, and there is this employee with downs syndrome in the pokemon card department who cannot do her job.

She speaks unclearly, and it is hard to understand her, and from my last trip it is clear she cannot perform her job properly, yet who gets fired, yeah right a single mother of two." Hmm, someone is paying a lot of attention to someone else instead of their job, and on top of that, stealing from the company. Someone with a handicap will have part of their wages paid by the government through their monthly disability or partial disability check, so the aforementioned person makes Less than minimum wage from the company. "The manager needs to be fired for playing favorites." LOL sorry but stealing Is a reason for firing someone at any place of business because it is Wrong. You state: "She was honest with them.." LOL No, just because she Admitted she was stealing from her company doesn't make her instantly 'honest' when it is convenient for Her to be seen as so.

The cameras were much more honest than she was, which is most likely the reason she was so 'honest' and admitted it, to bargain herself out of jail time which she deserves. "She had only done this a few times, no more than four." No one would want to hire or keep someone who steals from them once much less more, working for them. Why have a store at all if you're going to Allow someone to steal from you. Soon you'll have nothing to sell at all.

"Why is the person who constantly comes in late, and the down syndrome lady who cannot do her job still hired.." Coming in late repeatedly because of something you can't control, is Vastly different than willfully knowing that stealing is wrong and that you could go to jail for it, and then stealing anyway. Clearly coming in late repeatedly would be seen as less in injury to the store than stealing things repeatedly would be. "yet my sister who only stole twice fired.injudstice." The only injustice I am spelling it correctly here, is your own theft. I believe You are the person who was caught stealing and not some 'sister'.

Badmouthing the company You Stole From isn't going to help you get your job back if that is what you're trying to do. It makes no sense.

I detest Walmart's dead peasant insurance illegal practices they'd been doing for years, and I disagree with many other practices they have in regard to what they may euphemistically consider 'business practice', but no place of business has any room for a thief.

@Mrs. Zorro

I think out of all the replies yours is the most ridiculous. She loves her children and would never put them up for adoption.

She gets no support from the father. He only pays her what the court orders and nothing more. He is stingy and needs the rest of the money himself. Well he has two kids to feed, he could get another job or buy less food.

He does not need to eat meat everyday, nor does he need to eat dessert. I have seen him buy non essentials like ice cream. My sister still has not found a job and had to go on welfare. The reason I gave the children's ages was to show that their decision not only effected her but her children as well.

The difference here is you did not have two kids to support but she did, also how is correct spelling relevant to this issue. Another issue is they did not hire me. I applied three times and they hired someone that is retarded(really she has down syndrome.) The retard could not do her job. I asked her a simple question, when the pokemon cards were coming ) in(for my younger brother) she did not know.

When I started causing a scene(I was angry because they hired this potato) and not me. The manager kicked me out of the store. This was before my sister got injustice from them.

You may correct one misspelled word, but it is apparent you are mentally retarded and do not know how to read yourself. If you you would know why I mentioned the children and how young they are.


She stole.

She got caught.

She got fired.

No excuses.


The fact that you are following him around looking for what he buys for his meals is even more *** than your sister stealing.


The letter writer is the troll formerly known as Not_the_OP, aka Kevin Richards aka Tash aka Tasha. He had multiple account names at Complaintsboard using variations of the Kevin Richard(s) name, as well as KevinandRuth, Tasha and a bunch of others I can no longer remember.

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I am not the one that has multiple accounts and I don't know all those people. You are the one that has accounts like Firstborntriplet, anonmouse, ect.

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You dumbfuckingidiot!!! I am a 30 year old FEMALE in ENGLAND!!!

Firstbornwhater is a male, teen and in Canada! Get it right TROLL! I've no clue who Anonmouse is ,but clearly is someone who is on to your sick ways!

You cannot troll at this site, complaintsboard and you use to troll at my3cents but they shut you down altogether, yes I know about that! Where are you going to run when this site finally boots you to curb for good?


I am the original firstborn triplet. But yeah what anonymous said.


Because stealing is a hirer crime than job performance and lateness. Its a fact Wmart is tightening up tardies by current employees as of Jan.2016.

Example: after 18 tardies, the log in system will auto reject that employee and termination follows. No talk, no coaching you are terminated. If you pull a No Show or absent from work w/out calling the absent call in system that is explained and detailed to each new employee on hiring then that event is worth three, that's 3 tardies. Keeping track is available in computers on your personal acct, accessible while your clocked in.

Twice caught stealing is huge, bc it's STEALING. Because she has two ppl to support and her one job now paying a minimum of $9.00 hrly is not anyone's responsibility but her's. Why steal? Need?

why steal a want as in her case? How can u justify her actions because she has others to support? It is her responsibility to no steal.

They can press criminal charges and she could have had jail time. But Wmart didn't.


AnonMouse is a retard that does not know how to change his locatioin so he says you cannot. Truely he comes to sites like this to prey on women. He is a possible child rapist.


Whatever troll-you don't know me so shut your trap and go help your 'sister'


According to the author of this complaint, you cannot fire someone who has children and you cannot fire an employee who is a shoplifter because they have children.

I'm guessing this person also believes that a person who illegally enters the U.S. should not be considered as a criminal, be given free benefits, be cared for by tax-payers and have their butt kissed by actual citizens.

People need to learn that being irresponsible, criminal and just plain *** shall not be rewarded.


The point is they play favorites. A man keeps coming in work late and he was not fired.

She was stealing once or twice and gets fired. Another coworker is allowed to bring soda on the sales floor because she is diabetic.

If my sister did the same she would be written up.