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I am extremely angry right now. My viens are turning purple as I write this.

Yestereday was my son Dudley's 11th Birthday. We like to call him Dudders(well my wife Petunia does anyway.) Anyways here is my story about how you guys ruined my son's birthday. This was from your store at Scurry.

First of all his birthday did not start off right. My wife and I had bought him gifts. We had bought him 36 gifts from your store. He came downstairs and immediately he asked how many gifts we had for him. I told him that there were 36 gifts. He complained that last year there was 37 and started sulking. I told him that this year he had bigger gifts. He was still not sasistisfied. I reassured him that after his party we would get two new gifts. (I had bought him a pool table, a playstation 3, and a nintendo Wii, several games, a psp, games for the psp and his six other game syetems ect.

Than as if that was not enough, we could not get a Nanny for our wicked evel neffew Harry. We had to take him along with us. He is a troublemaker. His parents were no good either. He was left on our doorstep. Apparently his parents had been killed in a car crash. His father James was drunk at the wheel. Well we had Dudder's birthday party at the London Zoo and somehow a snake got loose and almost attacked him.

The final straw that broke the camel's back was around 11 pm when we went to your store located at 393 privet drive. We live close by near your store. Anyways the store was closed. My wife and I knocked hard on the doors, at first no one answered. but then someone answered and said that they were closed. I explained about my son's birthday. They still would not let me in. You better be open tomorrow. I will be coming at five am. Now I must buy ten gifts for Dudders. If you are closed then I will greatly buy more to cheer him up.


Uncle Vernon

4 privet drive

London Scurry.

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I loled. :grin


This made me laugh.


Oh for all of you that think this letter is real it isn't. It is a fake letter written by pretending that the father is Harry Potter's nephew and the son is Harry Potter's cousin.


Sounds like you've turned your kid into a spoiled brat. You should have gotten there before the store closed.


Harry Potter why don't you turn him into a toad or something. Or better yet give him matching pig ears for the tail that Hagrid gave him. But trust me one day he will feel sorry for the way he treated you.


My cousin is spoiled, he is overweight because he eats four times as much as I do. He is always punching me and breaking my glasses and my aunt and uncle don't do anything about it.

Worse is my aunt Marge. She hates me and is always getting drunk. She even feeds her dog whisky. I live in the cupboard under the stairs because my cousin Dudley needs the second bedroom for his toys and stuff that won't fit in his first room.

Last year for my birthday I got a old pair of my uncle's socks. When Wal-mart was not open at 4am for their son Vernon threw a gasket fit.


Well tell Dudley that is life is getting worse because later on he will be attacked by dementors.


Hey Zachary I know it is a reference from Harry Potter as well.


i would agree he sounds like a spoiled brat


sounds like you have a spoiled brat


And the same rule goes for Gilligan's Island.


Okay Dannyboy, no more reading Harry Potter before bedtime got that? :grin