Toronto, Ontario
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I was shopping with my girlfriend in your store and we came across an employee who was extremely rude. It should not be hard to spot him, he was overweight, dressed in red and reeked of beer. His name tag said Santa.

As my girl friend was passing by he called her a h0e. He called her a h0e three times in a row before wishing her a Merry Christmas. His big mistake was making was calling her this in front of me. I told him nicely that just because my girlfriend dresses sexy does not give him a right to call her a h0e. He could have simply wished her a Merry Christmas without saying, "H0e, H0e, H0e Marry Christmas. Just as I was about to shove an artificial candy cane up his butt for dissing my girlfriend a little man (who looked like he was high on LSD)dressed in green with the employee tag "helpful elf" who was up to my waist ran up to me and punched me in my jewels. If I can't have children you will be hearing from my lawyers.

I also had the misfortune of seeing this fat *** again. He was leaving as I was leaving. Instead of leaving the normal way he had reindeer. One of them pooped on my vehicle. He must have had about eight.

I remember seeing this man on the news, almost a year ago. I think it was December 24th he was breaking and entering. Instead of entering through the front door or breaking a window like a normal burgular he went down the chimney. How he can fit his fat *** down the chimney is a mystery to me.

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Yo sho' sound like u frum da ghetto bruva. It awl good in da hood son.

Why dont u send yo *** my way, an I iz make hur feel like real woman n-i-g-g-a. Move out da ghetto son, buy lotz ah lottery ticks son and maybees sum day u can hang out wit the polite white folk in da burbz homey


I enjoyed it.


What a completely bogus story that wasn't even funny.