Dallas, Texas
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I bought an angel perfume one 23rd of august 2012, and i went back today to Walmart lewisville to return it. At first I was planning on buying a necklace, Judith was around the counter and kept me waiting for 10 minutes and she walked away!

Afterwards I was unhappy and was gonna return the perfume and she was there and taked to us very very very rudely and stiff! saying she cant find it on the system!

We couldnt find the receipt that's true, but your employee attitude make us not even want to buy anything from walmart anymore! Especially the employee who works at customer service counter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $60.

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I notice they're revamping the site. OK, then first question: What in the *** is "Monetory Loss." It's monetary, not monetory. There's no such word as "monetory." Already they've lost credibility, stupidity like that makes it look like this is a site for whining retards with a third-grade education. Come to think of it, that really isn't far removed from reality.

But getting back to this Walmart complaint posted by "riotsas" that's all hot and bothered because she tried to return $60 worth of stuff without any receipt whatsoever, I'm not saying it's not a valid complaint. The clerk was perceived as being rude. But get real. "Judith" in Dallas is making minimum wage.

To be candid, I went to Walmart tonight, and the gal at the checkout counter was an ***, too. But I didn't let it get to me, she's making minimum wage, for God's sakes. Of course she's ornery.

And next time, bring a receipt. Your fault. Bottom line.


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