Albany, New York
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At your Altamont Ave store I was looking at a raincoat and find out that the price on the coat was not marked down so went to find a price checker and find out it was 15 dollars and when I went back to explain to your employees that they needed to fix the sign because I thought that the raincoat was 5 dollars your employees were talking to me in a loud voice so I walk out without buying the raincoat. I have been at loyal customer at your store and felt that I was treated very badly. THank you for listening.

Monetary Loss: $28.

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anonymous, if this exact same complaint were about Target you would side with the customer.


all over a raincoat? come on.

and anonymous loser, your going to criticize a Walmart complaint..

but welcome any Target complaint? even if it's about how Target wouldn't let a customer get away with an expired coupon that was technically a Best Buy coupon.


Dear Mr/Ms Lynndolezsar:

I don't understand your purpose of posting a complaint on this site.

If an employee of Wal-Mart was "loud", and this loud behaviour was unacceptable to you, why would you put this in a public post about Wal-Mart?

While I agree that workers of any company should be courteous to their customers, isn't this a matter to take up with the manager on duty rather than the general public? I don't understand your reaction to the employee and I don't understand your posting alerting us to your method of resolution.

I would suggest if you ever encounter a similar situation that you perceive as a problem, you take it up with the facility wherein it happened. Tell a manager. That's what they are there for. Telling us after the fact will not help you in any way if you are looking for a solution to your "problem". It really is simple, just tell someone in charge and you will be helped by someone in charge.


And I'm sure if the person spoke to you in a soft voice, you would be on here complaining that you couldn't here the person.


Most likely they were "rude" to because you spoke in the same tone of voice as you claim they spoke to you.