Kittanning, Pennsylvania
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I purchased your fried chicken 5 times including today the spicy hot chicken, to only realize that it was worse than the last 4 times! Too salty as usual and toooooooo much breading as usual.

Two people with high blood pressure should not eat this, but other grocers have a better quality of fried chicken. A lot of money and so disappointed again. I must admit your rotisserie chicken is very good, but I will not ever purchase fried chicken again. And by the way, your spicy is not spicy.

I am a good cook when it comes to fried chicken and you do not need a lot of salt for good flavor, not to mention not so much breading. I will not be purchasing this item ever again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Chicken.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $6.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Cons: Fried chicken, Product that t purchased.

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If you make such great fried chicken, why are you buying it at a walmart deli?


I bought a container of fried chicken from Wal-Mart in Princeton, Ky, on Sunday 4-15-18. The container did not say "hot or spicy".

When we ate a few bites, it was so very spicy, we couldn't finish it.

The dog's would not touch it either. A one time mistake that will never be repeated.


I got grossed out when I bought a cold rotisserie chicken there once and it was blood red next to the bone. Some kind of strange cooking method going on that the bone isn't cooked.

And their fried chicken and hot wings are way too salty. A few items I won't be buying there anymore.


I never thought of Walmart as a gourmet chicken eatery.


If you don't like it why do you keep buying it? It shouldn't take a genius to figure that out.

@Walmart Worker 2080

I have to agree, it is usually three strikes and you are out.


lol Oh wow.