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While shopping with my six year old grandson, He opened up some Hot wheel cars that were in a package. Keep in mind he is only six years old.

He was approached by an employee by the name of Zack who told him he is not allowed to open the package, they asked where his mother was. First of all he was not shopping with his mother, he was shopping with me. He was getting antsy and asked if he could look at the toys and I said he could. About half an hour later I got a call from this loser Zack to come to get my grandson.

He told me that my grandson had opened up several hot wheel car packages and we got into an argument when I explained he was only six years old. He told me that I could not let my son alone in the toy asile and told me about the lost children posters that they have in their store. First of all it was not like I was abandoning him he was in the store with me, and second he is only six years old. He was not stealing them, simply playing with them.

I offered to purchase them, he told me that that was necessary and just to keep an eye on my son. This loser must be dumb because he clearly stated he was shopping with his grandmother, not his mother.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: 701 8th St NW, Washington, DC 20001, USA

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Adam Walsh was allowed to be left alone for a few minutes and see what happened to him. He too was six.

You need to supervise your grandson. Adam Walsh was also not abandoned in the store.


keep the kid on a leash.


People, this "complaint" was written the troll MakeMyDay2016 also known as KevinRichards, also known by his 50+ other troll accounts. This is a fake complaint, as is his other one where he took a legitimate complaint and copied it but added his own sick twist, saying that he beats his his grandson. MakeMyDay2016 has been trolling this site and other consumer sites and harassing innocent people for years.


This does sound like about 95% of parents and grandparents in Walmart stores anymore.


Who know, you are probably right, but if you ever worked in a retail store you would know that parents often allow their kids to look in the toy section while they shop.


It's unfortunate that people like you ruin legitimate complaints. You're lucky Wal-Mart didn't charge you for every single item the minor child under your watch opened.


You left a 6 year old child alone for at least a half hour by himself and have the nerve to even complain? Consider yourself lucky the employee didn't call the Police! He could easily have been abducted right out of the store and you would probably then blame Walmart for not watching him - *** is you.


From your description of events, the kid was off on his own and the employee had to come and find you "About half an hour later." Don't complain about "Zack." Look in a mirror and you will find a completely irresponsible adult who should know better---but doesn't. Stop wasting our time on this site. It is for valid complaints.

@Machele Imf

I honestly think she truely believes this to be a valid complaint

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