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Wal-Mart just cheated us out of $41.00 plus tax. I bought a security system on Thanksgiving Day for $150.00 plus tax as a Christmas Gift for my husband.

It was impossible to install so we decided to go ahead and return the system. Sadly I could not locate the receipt on Saturday and they would only exchange something from the electronics department but only in the amount of $109.00. We told them we had paid $150.00 and they said they sold it for $109.00 as a black Friday deal. Today I found the receipt and my husband took it to the store and the manager said he would not honor the receipt.

So I feel we have no recourse but to write a bad review. This is the Wal-Mart in Winston-Salem, NC on Stafford Village

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $41.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Cons: Them not honoroing my receipt.

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Walmart is NOW on my s...list...


People need to learn to keep track of their receipts. This isn't different than what most stores do.

If you don't have your receipt you have the choice of going home and getting it or being given credit for the lowest sale price. If you didn't like the price they offered you should have gone home and looked a little harder for the receipt.


I understand that. BUT ##it happens man recipts get lost, thrown away.

Whatever the case may be. But they shouldn’t treat a person that brings something back to the store with no receipt a thef. Yea people do steal from stores and try to bring stuff back and it’s not right. But not everyone does that.

Have proof before you treat someone as a thef. Doing such could get ya hurt.


You are correct, receipts do get lost or thrown away, however only people who have paid for merchandise will have a receipt. To protect themselves from thieves and to be able to for something to their honest customers they offer store credit at the lowest sale price.

The alternative would be refusing to take anything back without a receipt. I think most people would rather accept the credit rather than being stuck with something they don't want or need. There is also the situation of people who would purchase products on sale and return them without a receipt for full price credit when they went off sale. Your receipt shows what you paid for it and what amount you should get back.

How else are you going to prove what you paid for a product, if you paid for it at all? I would bet you have never worked in retail and have absolutely no idea of what people will try to scam a store.


What is a thef?


I'm sorry that happened, but you should've gone through your house for the receipt before accepting the wrong price. Once the transaction is completed there is nothing they can do.

I know this feels unfair to you, but we see dozens of scammers, PER DAY, in our store. We can't accept a price that you had paid WITHOUT PROOF, otherwise everyone would return socks without receipt and say the paid $46.99 for them (just shy of the 50 no receipt limit) I'm really surprised they accepted the return of the item in the first place, as there is usually a $50 limit, and they usually don't make exceptions if it's electronics, as they will have to eat the cost when you don't have proof of purchase, so thinking more about it, you SHOULD BE GRATEFUL!


Haha proof goes both ways there bigin


Your fault, not theirs.