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I couldn't use my credit card to purchase air pods online why?

it just showed "Your payment couldn't be authorized. Please use a different payment method." nomatter how I changed my credit card it didn't work anyway.


Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Same. My payment method is not usable on Walmart.com at all. And no help from customer service.


Same thing has happened last 2 orders 2020 July now October


Yo but i got a giftcard i bought like 20 minutes ago but like im trynna buy a laptop for school and i just checked my spam and theres nothing.


no details on solution pointless


tryed to bye tablet wont let me this is of barncal


I much regretted not checking online before using second credit card to purchase products on Walmart online. The first time encountered this issue I thought it was myself operating wrong way to cause the issue.

Then I used another credit card to purchase again...... guess what happened.... both credit cards were considered being fraud and locked and replaced with new cards by my bank. Then........

I spent hours to put new card information for billing payments in other accounts. I could not believed the issue have been lasting one year and Walmart not resolve this issue.


I had the same issue until I checked my spam e-mail folder. Chase had decided that my Walmart purchase could be fraud, and asked me to approve the transactions in an e-mail before they'd let it go through.


It’s because Chase has ChasePay which is a special way to pay through Walmart, otherwise it requires you to approve and hope they accept the charge.


awesome info thank-you


Here's the deal with this type of generic message. There's a transaction that occurs between Walmart and your credit card company.

If that software transaction can't occur for one reason or another (such as timeout), the transaction fails. It's not necessarily anything to do with the status of your personal credit card. The issue might be just software glitch or system overload, either on the Walmart side or on the credit card company side. It might be that one of their systems gets frequently overloaded with a lot of processing coming in at the same time.

I had a similar situation with Dollar General. Dollar General claimed the repeated error message each month (auto-orders) was that I needed to call the credit card company and ask them for a new credit card. The credit card company, however, said the problem was with Dollar General, not them. Even after I ended up getting a new credit card number and updated it with Dollar General, Dollar General still spit out the same ugly error message that 'payment can't be authorized', etc.

I never did get it resolved, but I kept the auto-order on file. iI continues to fail every single month and I just laugh at how pathetic certain software systems are.


Pay your bills and your credit company won't cut you off.




Yeah...but I don't think that's what's going on. In my case, I was using my debit card.

I have plenty of money in my account to cover the transaction. I just used my card about an hour ago with no problems and I still got this message. I emailed my bank to make sure there is nothing weird going on I'm unaware of just to make sure. However, I'm hoping it's what someone above said that it may just be a technical issue or connection issue with Walmart.com.

I ordered the same thing about a month ago for the same amount of money with no issues. I buy 2 tires at a time as I can't afford to buy all 4 at once.




So do you want Walmart to give you an answer, OP?

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