Buckhorn, PA 17815, USA
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I"M HIGHLY disappointed and disgusted with walmart atm. So i went to walmart looking for an algie eater and mosquito fish for my pond.

I went to the store in Buckhorn PA, when inside and Went to the area where they sell a fish. I had found someone and talk to them ask her about the algae eater. Asked her they they would be okay in a pond and if they will winter over well. Well i ended up getting to of them, here to find out they are called plecos.

WHICH is NOT a fish that winters over well at all they will DIE !! they are a warm water fish!!!!! SECONDLY she told me to put the fish right in with my pond koi. ANYONE THAT KNOWS anything about fish knows you need to quarantine them in-cause they have an illness.

telling someone to throw them right in is a great way to kill a couple 1000 dollars worth of koi.

She Kinda gave me an attitude when I said they weren't going into the pond right away which I didn't appreciate. Please make sure your employees at least know a little bit about the items in the section they are working in !

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Knowlage of item being Sold.

Preferred solution: Make sure the one running the section they are assined knows what they are talking about. At least a little .

Walmart Cons: Lack of knowlage of staff in there area they are given to work.

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